1 A Reincarnation at it's finest

I could feel nothing. No sense of touch, smell, hear, see or taste registered in my mind.

Though vaguely, I could tell my body was floating. In what? I don't know.

How did I end up here? I died.

I was a gamer, an obsessed one at that. And, I died doing the one thing I was best at.

Gaming. And also, a lightning strike. Yeesh.

This is boring. I hate boredom. Ever wondered how being robbed of your every sense and time feels like?

Just boredom.

I had panicked when I first arrived here, but now I quite like the silence. I'm sure I'm in some sort of limbo right now, just waiting for the goddamn reincarnation cycle to put mw back to where I belong.

Hmm, maybe I'd be reincarnated as an animal, looking back at my karmic deeds. Well, whatever. I don't really care what I am as long as I recieve entertainment.

I am a gamer, after all.

Screw Riches. Fame. Glory. Power. Death. Life.

I want entertainment.

Man, this is boring. Maybe I'd be better off in hell, or someth-

<All Requirements met.>

<Downloading Character Content.>

<Download Complete>

<Stabilising System>

<Request for Character>


<Welcome Mark>



The fuck. Holy shit, I just got a freaking system! Did I do something to get a system?! Nah, that's not important. What's more important is that i got a system!

Even if I couldn't feel anything, I knew I was doing some weird form of dancing.

I mean, who wouldn't? A freaking system!

After I came down from my high, I realised something. I could see! Well, only the system anyway since everything else is black.

I saw a notification tab on the top right, an inventory tab next to it and a status profile tab on my top left.

Also, a pop up that's currently in the center of my vision.

<Proceed to Character Crafting?>

<Yes> <No>

It didn't take a single thought for me to click yes instantly. What came next was a series of characters that I instantly recognised!

Hell, they were all my game characters from the different games I played! Fantasy, Magic, MMORPG, RPG, BattleRoyales, etc..

I "sat" down and thought for a while. I didn't know what type of world I'd be going but regardless, there were three

picks that would help me in every world. I singled them out from the rest.

The first was my female character, Alice  from [No More Glory], which was a fantasy world where you are a demon princess that aims to become a demon god. Of course, I was the last demon god of the game until the game was destroyed by hackers.

The second was a male character, Adam from [The Kingdom Of God] where you wete the first human that was casted out from it and you aimed to dethrone god. It was a crazily hard game(pay to win too) but I managed and damn, the buffs you get are crazy.

The last was a female character, Lilith from [Beyond Time]. This is the craziest, FREAKING hardest game I've ever played. You start off as a peasant, a goddamned LEVEL 1 peasant and had to kill a level 40 demon right off the bat with just a sword and shield. Granted, the game gave you some sort of leverage as the monsters were easy to predict but. . .god. In the end, I managed to achieve the best ending, where I became a [VoidLord], a being that surpasses time and chaos.

So, in order I would have to choose a character between a Fantasy game, an action game and a MMORPG.

It took me a while as I had no information on what world I was about to be reincarnated into. And, I'd REALLY like to live a bit longer thank you very much.

It took me what felt like decades but in the end, I decided to choose the last one, seeing as I would have the best bet at surviving and enjoying life. Besides the demerit at having to reincarnate as a girl and suffering from it( I have a fear of girls), it would be worth it.

Taking a deep breath, I told(with my mind) the system that I would choose Lilith from [Beyond Time].

<Parameters Required.>

<Parameters Met>

<Welcome, Lilith.>

My time stopped. The black colour that I had been so familiarised in crackled and broke apart. My mind spiralled as my senses returned.

The memories of Lilith forced itself into my head. I felt like dying over and over again.

Lilith's fear of the unknown.

Lilith's first victory.

Lilith's first defeat.

Lilith's first lover.

Lilith's longing.

No, my longing.

We longed for the same thing. I was lilith and she was me.

We yelled out the desire that we had kept so controlled.


My body finally took on the body that i had always meant to take over. I had just become Lilith, body, mind and soul as it slowly turned into dust.

But, I did not fear it. For, I was about to be reincarnated.

Beware my new world.

The [Void Lord] is coming.


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