The BadBoy's Queen Book

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The BadBoy's Queen


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Being bullied all her life because of what she looked like fat shamed on the internet father leaving mother for a different woman all of this gave her strength to change who she was she left social media became slim and changed schools for good that summer. But things at her new school wasn't good either she was still bullied for being a nerd and of course being poor and it's true she had one part time job while her mother had two her little sister was still in school and was too little to have a job. Her main bully or bullies at school the popular rich kids. Royce the jock and football captain rich popular and the school precious or not so precious bad boy along with his slutty girlfriend Tessa head cheerleader and popular rich girl at school they basically rule the school along with there little friends. But something changed and along with that a new love story was bloomed.


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