1 The Bad Boy Inside the Chicken Suit


Reed Langston -aka JerkAss, aka the Bad Boy of my high school, has literally frozen. He stopped giving free fried chickens. If he wasn't wearing that big fluffy yellow suit, he's probably shaking. - because of the embarrassment of course.

"I said I want my free chicken!" A whiny little kid shouted in front of him. "Give it to me already!" I chuckled at the scene in front of me.

Langston smiled sarcastically at the kid, "You want your chicken? Here!" He shoved the chicken inside the kid's mouth, causing the little boy to cough... or was it to gasp... or to choke? He looked satisfied while saying, "Enjoy your damn chicken."


The pitiful yet annoying boy had chicken crumbs on his shirt and has tears running down his chubby cheeks. He eventually ran back inside the fast-food restaurant while munching the chicken.

Normal people, well, anyone who would be in Langston's situation would probably feel guilty and apologize for what he has done. But Langston being Langston; he simply smirked evilly.

That kid is really pitiful. Pitiful I tell 'ya.

"REED!" A loud and rustic voice boomed. It was so loud that there were bystanders who looked at us and some people who were walking around us had actually stopped. They probably thought that it was a cop or something. When they noticed that it came from an angry and wrinkly old man, they continued walking again. Acting as if nothing happened in the first place.

The smirk on JerkAss' face dropped and a frown replaced it. " What, Patrick?"

"It's Mr. Sanders to you young man." The old man, which I believe is the manager of the fast-food restaurant and is named 'Patrick', glared at Langston. "If your father hears about this, you'll-"

"I'll what?" JerkAss raised an eyebrow, "I'll lose my inheritance? Don't go there, Patrick." He spat the name with venom. "Maybe you're the one who would be losing something if you'll open your big fat mouth. Like I don't know," He sarcastically rolled his eyes before smirking, "Your job?"

If Patrick was a cartoon character or an anime character, he would be having gray smoke coming out from his ears. -Or was it steam?

Patrick frowned. "Then do the job properly."

I watched silently as Patrick walked back to the restaurant grumpily. Stomping his feet along the way. I looked back at JerkAss and saw him smirking as he watches Patrick walk away.

In the memory of dear old Patrick and that little kid, let me do the honors of putting that smirk off of his lovely face.

"Poor man." I tsked. "You're such a bad, bad boy to play jokes with your boss, eh Langston?"

JerkAss suddenly went stiff, freezing for a second, before turning around to face me. "You saw nothing." He gave me his famous glare; the one he always uses when he wants to scare someone or something off.

Pfft. Like that's going to work.

"But I did." I batted my eyelashes to mock him. Acting like I'm an 'innocent' kid. "I have eyes, Langston. This obviously means that I saw the famous bad boy of Denovan High giving away free chickens." I smirked while rubbing salt to his wounded pride, "That also means that I can see you wearing a chicken suit."

The look on his face was priceless, trust me. His eyes were so wide that I bet his eyeballs would fall off. The horrified look on his face added a bonus point too. He looks so intimidated, so vulnerable, so... weak.

I chuckled in a sinister way. "What happened Langston? Did daddy dearest stopped giving you money?"

As if his horrified look never happened, he regained back his composure and frowned at me. "Again, you saw nothing." He snapped angrily, "Or else-"

I cut him off with a laugh, "Or else what, JerkAss?"

He smirked, "I'll ruin your reputation."

"My reputation?" My eyes widened in pure mockery. I pouted and had successfully annoyed the heck out of him. "For your information, you're the vulnerable one at the moment. So," I immediately gave him my "I-dare-you" look. "If you'll ruin mine, I'll ruin yours."

His eyes widened. I can actually see both fear and amusement glinting in his eyes.

"Fair enough ey?" I winked at him with a smirk before leaving him alone.

Oh, what would other people say if they learned that the infamous, rich, handsome (ew) and the disreputable bad boy is wearing a chicken suit?

Damn, my blog would be a hit!

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