1 Early Summer Of 2025

It was the beginning of a good time,good memory,great happiness,and enjoyment to all the people around the world

April 24,

Time at high school,enjoying the days,where there were no any problems going on.Days were all going good because I had everything I had wished for those days.It was a great time to hang around all the girls in the high school.That feeling with them were something that aren't made to be expressed in a word or a sheet of paper.

Same old schedule was going on and off.I had no idea about the world.I was around 19,I was always expecting whatever I wish will always come true to me.Days keeps passing by.Each day brought me happiness as well as sadness to me.I guess thats the phenomena of a life.Each day brings you happiness,sorrow,sadness and joy with them.Its up to you how you take it and deal with them.

Days keeps passing by in high school where I just came to have more fun and enjoyment rather than studying.I think thats what the high school life is about.I kept promising myself that I will study tomorrow,but tomorrow never arrived and never I studied.I was in that situation where I even didnt know that my first board examination was coming.It was me who kept the same promise all the time,but never ever I tried to apply it to my life.

(2) A Huge Failure