1 Chapter 1

Rrrrrring rrrrring rrrrring

Ugh what is that sound. I fumble on my dresser and finally get a hold of the monster making that sound and shut it up. Turning over with a sigh I go back to bed already falling back asleep before my roommate Bella comes in and starts making a racket.

I sit up with a frown and watch Bella move around the room making loads of noise. Did I mention that I hate Bella. She turns and sees me and says good morning sunshine as if she can't feel me staring daggers at her. I mean who is that active at ( I sneak a peek at my alarm clock) 8:30 am. Wait a minute I have a shift at the cafe by nine and I am so late. Fumbling out of bed I ask Bella why didn't you wake me up. You knew I had an early shift . Bella as usual just looks at me and rolls her eyes and says well if you really are late you would be doing something about it not standing there and glaring at me. Rushing into the bathroom I quickly have a shower and brush. Fifteen minutes later I am done and dressed in my uniform. I rush out of the house while saying a quick goodbye over my shoulder. Just in time because I was able to catch the bus.

It's been two hours now and the cafe has a steady stream of customers but I am just so tired and cranky. I yawn again while pouring coffee for an elderly woman and I don't miss the look of disgust she gives me as if to say children of nowadays. Well lady you have no idea what I was doing last night or whether I was even saving the world (although what I was actually doing was just reading a novel all through the night) but of course I don't say anything. The bell jingles again and I automatically look up in the middle of cleaning and all I can say is holy shit. I am pretty sure my mouth is wide open. The guy that walks in is an epitome of perfect. He should he about 6'3 with a well sculpted body packed in a well cut suit. And oh my God he is walking towards me. I try to look for where to hide( which is ridiculous right) but I dont find where I could possibly hide which leaves me no choice but to attend to him.

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