The Awoken Beast Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Awoken Beast


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Kaya is a girl with an introvert nature but kind for those in need of help and tough for those who deserves, an orphan child living in a totally isolated place all alone living her life through doing exorcism and she is happy being all alone because she is taught to live that way. But why is she taught to live a lonely life. Darius Jonathan is the crown prince of West Citadel also known as Westeros. He is Jinn made of fire and the chosen one while he is mischievous and mean in nature but still never fails to amaze people. What will happen when these two different people passby each other? Will fate play a heart wrenching game again or will they end up together despite their differences? How will they uncover the secrets that nature has been hiding from them? Disclaimer: Credits to the owner of the photo as it is not mine and has downloaded from Pinterest