32 Conflict #32

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Harley grinned as she climbed into the container, gazing at the warehouse crawling with Black Mask's men. She took the bazooka slung on her shoulder and took aim at the building's entrance.

Black Mask and his goons had fucked with the wrong girl and her adorable pair of spotted hyenas, and she'll be damned if she didn't show that white-collar wannabe loser the error of his ways.

"I'll teach ya Black Mask schmucks not to mess with Harley's babies!" She muttered, her grin becoming more pronounced as she steadied her aim with her finger resting on the bazooka's trigger.

However, before she could pull the trigger, someone came flying at her from behind, tackling her to the ground. She immediately reached for the knife, rolled onto her back, and viciously stabbed at the assailant with no hesitation.

However, he caught her wrist and, with a forceful twist, forced her to drop the knife, making her eyes widen as she gave the newcomer a second look and identified him.

"Geez, buy a gal a drink before you push 'er down, will ya?" Harley said, grinning as she looked into Gray's face, which was merely a couple of inches away from her own.

"Whatcha doing here, buddy?" the crazy blonde asked, raising an eyebrow as she watched Gray get off her. She was both confused and curious at the sudden interruption.

"Stopping you from complicating things," Gray replied, sounding annoyed while dusting his trench coat as he turned away and started walking, gesturing for the crazy blonde to follow.

"We're exposed here. Let's talk elsewhere," Gray added as he picked Harley's bazooka on his way. The crazy didn't hesitate and followed him with a shrug of her shoulder, a curious expression on her face.

"Charmin' place, but what cha wanna talk about?" Harley asked as she followed Gray into an empty, immediately tilting her head to the side as Gray's steel wire shot for her head, causing it to hit the container's metallic wall, piercing a hole through.

"Hey! What's the big idea, Mistah?" Harley exclaimed, looking extremely offended, as she regarded Gray with a glare at his sudden aggression. "Ya got some nerve, tacklin' me into the ground, an' going for my pretty face after luring me into this dingy container!" she added, her hands resting on her hips, an inch away from her pop gun.

She was curious about the young man standing in front of her, but it didn't mean she'd sit down and take a beating for no reason.

"You keep showing up in front of me. You almost blew my plans just now, and you know my secret..." Gray blankly said, retracting his steel wire. "You're crazy and unpredictable. I let you go last time because I didn't want to deal with the bat," he added, whipping the steel wire to the side as it glowed with a blue electric light.

"Well, there won't be a bat to save you this time, so give me one good reason not to kill you and save myself future headaches," Gray asked, his tone cold as he lowered his posture and tightened his grip on the steel wire.

"Ya know what? I'm sick o' playin' nice with you, pal, so if you wanna piece o' me, then get over 'ere and let mama give ya an ass-whopin'!" Harley exclaimed, scowling as she reached for her pop-gun aiming at Gray's head as the latter sent the steel wire shooting toward her head again.

She tilted her head and dodged the wire, watching as Gray copied her actions. However, the latter didn't account for the nasty surprise in the bullet she fired, as it exploded with a hiss, releasing a dark green gas.

Harley raised an eyebrow as she watched Gray reach into his coat, retrieving a gas mask which he hastily put on, and charged at her, causing her to giggle as she giggled and made for the container's exit.

She slammed the door shut behind her as she lowered its lock and jumped back, pointing her pop gun at the container's exit. She whistled, her eyes widening as she watched the metal doors deform and swing wide open, Gray charging out of the container.

"You one of them, meta humans, aren't cha?" Harley asked as she began firing her gun at Gray, to which the latter responded by shielding his face with his arm, causing the bullets to bounce right off his coat's sleeve.

"I got a few tricks for dealin' with yer kind," she added, grinning as she kept shooting until Gray closed the distance, swinging at her with his right.

She dodged by bending her body backward and planted her hands into the ground to do a backflip to kick at Gray's chin. However, the steel wire slithered onto the floor, tripping the crazy blonde and making her fall flat on her back.

Harley quickly raised her gun to shoot, but she froze at the feeling of the steel wire's sharp end poking at her throat.

"Ya got me. Whatcha wanna do now, kill little helpless ole me?" Harley said, still grinning as she dropped her gun and raised her arms in surrender while looking into Gray's eyes through his mask.

"Like I said, give me one good reason not to..." Gray coldly remarked, and Harley immediately noticed he wasn't just saying it but was seriously asking her to give him an actual reason.

"Well, ain't no reason for us to be at each other's throats for once," Harley said, shrugging, but the steel wire pushing harder against her throat made it abundantly clear Gray wasn't impressed with her reasoning.

"Ya gonna be ruining Ivy's movie night to boot, can't show up if I'm dead," Harley added after a second of thought. "An' believe me, pal, ya don't wanna be ruinin' Ivy's movie night unless you enjoy getting tied up by giant green vines..." she remarked, snickering as she shook her head.

"Poison Ivy is nowhere insight, and I don't see how she'd find out of I-" Gray coldly replied, pausing as he fell to his knees all of a sudden, much to Harley's smug joy. "What did you do...?" he asked in between ragged breaths, struggling to raise his head and look at the crazy blonde.

"Took ya long enough!" Harley said, kicking Gray's face and getting to her feet with a backflip. "Let me give ya a piece of advice, puddin'," she added, grinning as she picked up her pop gun and playfully twirled it in her hand.

"That cheap gas mask ain't about to protect yer ass from anythin' serious. You'll be needing something way more advanced for that," Harley remarked as she raised the gun, pointing it at Gray's head.

"Ya wanted me to give ya one goon reason..." Harley said, caressing the pop gun's trigger with a grin. "How about me not killin' ya when I had the chance if ya just ask me nicely?" she asked, shrugging her shoulders, causing her hand holding the gun to slightly move away from Gray's head.

That was all the time Gray needed as he slammed his fist into the container, shaking it and causing the crazy blonde to trip and fall, having already recovered from the poison thanks to his accelerated healing.

"Good enough for now," Gray replied as he crawled on top of Harley, taking her knife and pushing it against her throat. "Now, how about you nicely ask me to put the knife away, and we can forget any of this happened, puddin?" he asked, using the crazy blonde's words against her without bothering to mask his petty motives.

"I thought I told ya to buy me a drink first before tryin' to push me down like that, buddy?" Harley said, snickering as she felt the knife push against her throat.

"Who's there?! Show yourself!" a loud exclamation came from below the container, interrupting Gray before he could retort, and he immediately got off the crazy blonde.

"We caused too much of a ruckus," Gray said, clicking his tongue as he took cover, peeking over the container to see how many people were down there, and he immediately jerked back as the gangsters started shooting.

"We need to get out of here," he said, turning to Harley as she stood up and dusted herself, making her raise an eyebrow as she gave him an annoyed look.

"You ain't the boss of me, Mistah," Harley replied, resting her hands on her hips and raising her eyebrows. "My babies are in there, and I ain't going anywhere without 'em," she added, gesturing towards the warehouse in a huff, unmindful of the gangsters as they kept barking at them to show themselves while scaling the containers.

"Look, I'm aiming for that warehouse too, but I need to do this my way," Gray said in a hurry, walking to the edge of the container and whipping at the gangsters scaling the container, making them fall.

"I can help you get what you want, but we need to get out of here and make a plan first," he added, quickly stepping back as the gangsters began firing again.

"Fine but try any more monkey business, an' yer dead meat for real this time."


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