1 Creating an Extra

'I want to make my Main Character suffer through all kinds of trials.'

Sometimes such thoughts would pass through my mind.

I wanted to make the main character of my novel go through despair.

Writing an Overpowered Main Character was boring, so I wanted to make my main character depressed.

I shared my thoughts with the readers.

They loved it.

So I wrote my main character as a gloomy guy. A gloomy but handsome guy.

It made the reader anticipate what my main character did next.

They wanted to see what kind of despair he would experience in his quest to save the world.

How would he strive to stay sane as the main character in a world full of monsters, dungeons, and more importantly, a system?

The answer was… nothing.

He couldn't do anything.

"Huahahaha, more! I want to make him fall deeper! Fall into despair, Zaiden!" A crazy laugh echoed in a small room of an apartment.

The laugh was filled with madness.

Tack tack tack tack!

A ticky sound of a keyboard being pressed repeatedly accompanied the crazed laugh.

"Hahaha, what should I add next? I had written the locations of the hidden items, hidden dungeons, and even the tower that will appear in the future."

The man who let out such a crazed laugh while muttering to himself was me.

"Hmm, the organization that opposed the protagonist is too weak. I should add an extra character to make it balanced." I leaned against my chair as I stroked my beardless chin while looking at the two monitors of my computer.

I was troubled thinking about what I should do to make my MC feel despair.

Adding a character before the end of the story seemed to be a stupid idea.

Not only would the reader not feel anything from a rushed character, but they would also usually give my novel a 1-star rating because of it.

But, my mind was already tempered after receiving many hate comments.

There was one comment from someone called DoomGuy who hates depressed Main Characters. He said that my Main Character was a dumb idiot who couldn't save his own loved ones.

But then, that was the main plot of my novel, 'The Awakener's Dead Harem.'

He had a lot of girls, but they all died.

That was why I had decided about it.

"Tsk, I will just do that. If I remember correctly, there should be a character that I made in volume 1…."

My right hand moved the mouse and opened the folder on my computer that I used to note all characters that appeared in my novel.

"Where is the document?" I scrolled through the folder, and I finally found a document named 'Extra characters, not Important!'

"Found it!" I shouted loudly; then I opened the document.

The document was about an extra character around the same age as the main character. I described the extra as a boy with a handsome face surrounded by many girls.

He was the main character's classmate in Academy right before the main character became an Awakener.

Awakener was the term that I gave to the people chosen by the system in my novel. And if someone became an Awakener when that person studied in an Academy, they could decide to graduate early.

Because Awakener was needed to protect the civilians from monsters' attacks, they were also needed to raid the dungeons before it spewed monsters to the world.

Awakener would gain 3 Talents. It was decided upon when they had awakened. That was the reason why they could kill the monsters that were feared by the world.

"I never described his backstory, but I mentioned that he looked at the MC with a gaze full of envy. I can use this Extra."

What I was writing right now was the last volume of my novel.

I was proud that I managed to write it so wonderfully that it could be read by both male and female audiences.

The setting of my novel was in the modern world, but dungeons and monsters changed it. The world became dangerous, but people then awakened one after the others and became Awakener to stop the monsters.

"What kind of power should I give him? He has S-Rank Talent in Sharpshooting and A-Rank Talent in both Swordsmanship and Magic. I should mention that he hides his S-Rank Talent and becomes the unknown master sharpshooter I mentioned a few times in the last volume."

Tack tack tack tack tack!

My hands danced on the keyboard without stopping.

Inspiration flowed inside my head, and it won't stop.

"Huahahahaha, good thing that I prepared a lot of Extras and wrote a lot of foreshadows for a case like this! I am a genius!"

This time, the plot that I wrote would put the main character into the corner.

The novel almost ended in 30th volumes; it had been a long journey for me.

A few heroines appeared throughout the story, but I killed all of them just to make my main character suffer.

It was an exhilarating feeling. I loved it when my main character suffered.

I never thought about having him go through an easy journey.

My main character was indeed overpowered with his S-Rank Talent in Swordsmanship, Magic, and Martial Arts. But, he was a human.

There was a limit to being human. Humans had weaknesses that no other had called Trait.

If someone had a caring Trait, he wouldn't be able to abandon his comrade and would try to save them even though it would cost his life.

A Human with a heartless Trait would not care about others and would be able to kill others without much care.

The Main Character of my story had a Loving Trait. He would care for his loved ones.

That was the reason why I killed all the heroines that got close to him.

But as this was the last volume, I thought it would be enough. I should give the protagonist a saving grace.

"The Main Character, Zaiden, was on the edge of his sanity. I should at least make him able to save his last heroine, his childhood friend. Then I will reveal why I made my MC go through such a journey. The reason behind why I made him despair."

Even as an author who loved to torment my own Main Character, I still had a heart. I loved a happy ending too.

It was not like I was afraid of the hate comments that I would get if I wrote a bad ending for my Main Character.

"Hmm, the name of the extra is Vincent, huh? Hmm? He's an orphan? Zaiden is an introvert, so it's as expected if they never interact with each other in the Academy. If only I made him talk to Vincent, maybe they would become friends."

Zaiden was a cold guy. He was the type of protagonist that didn't care about a stranger. He only showed his kind and loving personality in front of his friends and loved ones.

So, he had almost no interaction with someone from the Academy, even the heroines that would appear in the future volumes.

He only met those heroines in his journey through the Dungeons. He met them, bonding with them, and eventually fell in love with the heroines only to lose them.

I typed and typed without stopping. It has been a few hours since I began typing the last volume of my novel.

Unexpectedly, the idea that came into my head didn't stop. That was why I kept typing without stopping.

If I stopped typing right now, I felt like the idea would disappear from my head, and I was afraid of that.

So, even though I was hungry and tired from typing for a few hours, I didn't stop.

The night became morning, and the morning turned into the afternoon. At last, after more than 14 hours of typing without stopping, I managed to write the end of my novel.

"Aah! This feels good! It's finally over!"

I stretched my hands up to loosen my stiff body.

"Uuh! Finally, I can fall asleep without any problem now."

Dragging my tired body to the bed, I couldn't think of anything but sleep.

"Uggh, I am curious how they would react."

My eyelids were heavy from the lack of sleep.

"I hope… it will be… great…" Muttering my last sentence, I then fell into a deep sleep.



I felt a hand on my back, shaking my body, trying to get me up.


Now it felt like someone was calling out someone in my room. It was strange; why did someone call the other's name in my room?

"Vincent!" Finally, I was hit on my back, and I jolted up in pain.

"Fuck! That hurts!" I shouted at someone who hit my back.

Tap tap tap tap-

A bald man wearing glasses glared at me with crossed arms while tapping the ground with his feet.

He looked angry, and I felt a lot of gazes around me.

I was confused. I tried to look around and noticed that this was not my room.

My small room was not this big, and certainly, there was no one in my room beside me. There was only a computer desk and chair in my room. However, this room had a lot of desks and a big whiteboard in front of the room.

In short, this looked like a classroom in a school.

So how? Why did I sit in a room that looked like a classroom while being surrounded by teenagers wearing similar clothes to a school uniform?

"Huh?! You dare to say that to your teacher? Who do you think you are, Vincent Dihart? Do you think you are the owner of this Academy, huh?" The bald man seems to be talking to me.

I was confused; why did he look at me when he called Vincent.

But, that name was similar to the Extra that I just wrote earlier.

Confused by his words, I decided to ask him. "Who is Vincent?"

His expression turned strange, and then he hit me on my back again with his hand as he shouted, "You are Vincent Dihart! Did you hit your head when you slept? That's why you are called a delinquent. Try to learn some manners from Zaiden! Although he's a famous playboy with many girlfriends, he never sleeps in the class like you!"

He then pointed at a boy that sat on the last row of the seat beside the window.

Laughter from the teenagers followed the bald man's words. They laughed at me while covering their mouths.

When I heard the name Zaiden, something clicked in my mind. I slowly followed the bald man's finger and saw a handsome boy who was looking at me with a sweet smile.

His appearance was familiar—a handsome boy with short black hair and blue eyes.

The name that the bald man called me was familiar too.

Then I realized it.

'I was transmigrated to my novel as an Extra?!'

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