278 Total Chaos [3]


Crashing against the trees on the ground, was one of the black-hooded elders. Breaking multiple trees, his body skid on the ground leaving behind a massive trail of destruction. 



Accompanying the fall of the black-robed elder were two hoarse voices. It was the two other elders.

Once the dust cleared, the black-robed elder appeared on the ground passed out. Compared to before, the aura revolving around him was extremely faint, indicating that he had been severely injured. 

"Kill this bitch. We can't let her live after what she's done!" 

Staring at their brother, the two elders looked at each other with rage clouded eyes. However, even though they said those words, neither moved. The frightening power that Monica had displayed to the both of them, had left lingering feelings of fear inside of their minds. 

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