413 Incident [5]


Letting out a yawn, I walked away from Han Yufei's apartment. 

'I won't accept the offer yet. I want to first understand what kind of person you are. Is that okay with you?'

That was what he said to me. In short, he had neither accepted nor rejected my offer but has instead delayed the answer. 

To be honest, that worked well for me as well. 

It would take me a while to collect the Gravar style anyways.

I wasn't in a rush.

Lowering my head and staring at my watch, alarm flashed across my eyes.

"Oh crap, I should probably join the others before they get too pissed."

Before I knew it, I had spent almost half an hour talking with Han Yufei. 

'If I'm not wrong, Waylan told me before that today was the day that he was going to take care of his family problems.'

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