The Atlantean Compensator Book

novel - Magical Realism

The Atlantean Compensator


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To give in order to recieve. A concept that life has put necessary for all of us, in a way that we don't even realise that with each decision we make, in each turn of events we take. We sacrifice time of our lives. But what happens when one knows exactly that? What happens when one has the power to change Fate by sacrificing his own life span?? These are the powers of Herald, The chosen one. Being discovered by a misterious association, he has no other option but to obbey their call, in order to find out about who he really is. However, he'll find out more than what he would ask for... .... *5 YEARS* *PAST* *FUTURE* CHOOSE! ... NOT ENOUGH TIME LEFT!!! "...So it was all a lie."