The Arrange Marriage With My Best Frenemy Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

The Arrange Marriage With My Best Frenemy


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Louise Archer had a secret fiancé since childhood. It was no other than the famous playboy billionaire Axel Rossi. The engagement was due to family tradition, and an oath from the past between their grandfathers. But Axel and Louise’s relationship was like a cat and mouse, and throughout the years, they had maintained a rocky relationship. They were frenemies. They hated each other, but they were also each other’s greatest helper in times of need. Louise would get in trouble, and Axel would clean it up for her. Trouble liked to follow her around. As for Axel, Louise would always be the witch in a broom for the women who pestered him like bees. This time though, Axel didn’t ask her to help him avoid another woman. “Let’s break the engagement, Louise. I want to marry the woman of my dreams.” Never in her wildest dreams did she ever think this day would ever come. She also never thought that she would cry buckets because of it.


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