The Archmage's Retirement Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Archmage's Retirement


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Code ARCH-M, Lilith Darnell was the mysterious sole archmage of the "Magi's Conclave". It is the group of people made to protect the earth from external forces planning to own the raw planet for themselves. In return for their attempted invasions, selected natives of the earth are given powers to fight back and fifty years had passed since then. The war had subsided enough to maintain peace for most of the places. This lady named Lilith is now retired to enjoy her youthful life in her home country or rather to forget a painful memory. Which is which? What is the truth? Only her knows. And despite having the highest position of the mystical group, she had hidden her identity very well, staying true to the meaning of her name, the Moonlight's Mystery. In the process of her retirement, Will she has a peaceful indefinite vacation or not? Will she gain friends? How about a lover? And when things came to a miracle, will she leave her future relationships and came back to the Magi's Conclave just like that?


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