1 The awakening

A broken princess looked up from the blood soaked Earth she knelt upon and mumbled hoarsely " Let her go."

A thick calloused palm with fingers tipped in claws dragged across her cheek. The princess slightly dipped her chin to spit out the blood warming her mouth. The crude beast chuckled lightly at the sight. She shifted her eyes to the little girl currently in the grasp of one of the blood thirsty looking guards; The child's eyes were sunken in, cheeks hollowed out by a hunger no child should have to bare. A rabbit caught in a hunter's snare with its chest hammering and eyes wild, frightened.

"How did a mere woman cause so many problems? Thirty soldiers dead and more to find, I suspect." A menacing growl followed the commanders words, a promise of the punishment that was sure to come.

This time the princess spat at his feet and seethed through closed teeth; " I am no one's slave."

"Hmm?" The pelt on the back of the half wolf's neck rumbled with the sound that was almost a purr. "Well, I won't risk another one of my guards bones being snapped while attempting to tie you to the flogging pole again. Instead, this child shall receive your punishment, so you may understand what it means to cross me."

The prick was smiling, enjoying the suffering of these people. More than anything, the suffering from the bleeding princess who knelt before him.

She bowed her head, arms going slack in their chains. "No, I will not fight. Just let the child go, she has done nothing." The princess realized she was trapped; knew that she couldn't let an innocent suffer in her place, especially a child who had been suffering enough as it is.

So the battered woman let the filthy serpentine guards drag her to the poles, her ragged boots shredding as they roughly scraped across the ground. The commander ripped the bandeau from her chest exposing her tender breasts to the biting wind. The Commander's snout curled up over his razor sharp canines as he sneered in disgust. Ordering for thirty-three lashings, one for each sentinel she killed trying to escape, and three more for spitting at him.

Her anger lasted through the first ten lashes, at fifteen her back was in bloody ribbons, at twenty-five they started scraping bone. Her already ravaged throat, hoarse from disuse and lack of water, released a cry that cracked over the sound of the whip. No longer could she stay quiet as blood and skin ran down her back, a pain she had never known before left her body shaking uncontrollably. Another scream ripped out of her as the whip hit again. Her entire body went limp, joints straining at the chains holding her up.

The commander sauntered over and stopped right in the puddle of blood pooling beneath her. The commander held up a hand to pause the whipping. A violent grin crept across his features "you are a fool to think that I would bargain with a slave." He turned on his heel and motioned to the guards holding the little gir "String the child up across from this wench and force her to watch." and dropped his gaze back to the defeated pendulous princess "Perhaps you will learn your lesson now." His silver ears twitched with delight from what was about to occur.

"No. NO! LET HER GO" The princess screamed, begging the serpents as they wrapped their talons around the child and dragged her by her rail thin arms. The girl couldn't have seen more than ten winters, whimpering, tears streaking through the grime caked on her tiny face. Small legs couldn't keep up, and she stumbled, tripping over herself as they dragged her to the poles. The bleeding princess began thrashing frantically against the chains holding her to the flogging pole as she begged them not to harm the child. Something had snapped inside her, a violent rage flared so deep in her chest as she strained against the metal chaining her up until it snapped.

A tremor rocked through her. Searing rage that had been building inside her, it coursed through her chest to her fingertips. A powerful torrent she had never felt before. Like lightning ripping across her back as her old blood, her ancestors blood, broke free.

There was nothing but rage in her vortex of magic, it spewed inky black tendrils filled with her pent-up aggression. The conjuring slammed its full force into the sentinels. Their hooked talons released the child, shrinking to their knees, clawing at their scaled heads screaming in agony as blood pooled from their eyes and ears. Within seconds, their bodies crumpled to the ground. The wolf commander was howling, bright red blood stained his fur as he trembled in the mud.

The princess's eyes shifted to the small child slipping backwards in the sludge as she tried to get away from the beasts that had tortured everyone in this shit hole so profoundly.

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Finally, getting a small piece of satisfaction from the creatures that destroyed her world, the princess smiled gently, everything fading into a sweet soothing abyss.

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