11 Bad day

A chill ran through my core. I went to get up again.

"No," Ethan rushed up pushing my back down with his ability gently, "Don't get up."

Ethan kept me pushed down with his telekinesis as he pulled the rooms med kit out of the wall.

"I'm fine," I pushed against his ability, "I just need to get to my room."

Ethan injected me with pain killer near the almost black bruise that had formed near my middle. I could feel the effect immediately. Pain edged away, but exhaustion edged in.

"No," Ethan let his push off as he helped me get up, "You need the infirmary."

"I can't go to the infirmary right now," I pulled out of his grip, "I need to get to my room."

Ethan grabbed me more firmly, "No."

I glanced down at the countdown just as the last second clicked away. I was out of time. I tried to pull away to make for my room one last time, but Ethan tightened his grip on me as I started to shrink. The look on his face as I shrank. Surprise, confusion, and something else.

Ethan let go as I kept shrinking. He stepped away turning to watch the whole process.

"I told you," I could hear my voice going up in pitch as I shrunk back to my true form, "I can't go now."

I kept my head down once I was back to my real self. Sitting there with my tail curled around my feet. I didn't hear Ethan running. In fact. I didn't hear him moving at all.

Foreign liquid detected. Purging from system.

The pain in my middle flared back up. I was sure he'd run out of the room to get someone else. I glanced up with my right eye, and Ethan seemed to be frozen there. My right hand still hurt so I lifted it a little to get the weight off. I slowly turned both eyes on him.

"Ethan?" I felt my tail go from curled around one side of my body to the other slowly.

Ethan looked me up, and down slowly. Then moved forward. I flinched back as he came towards me. His hands clamped on either side of my little face as he smiled.

"What are you?" there was wonder in his voice, "Is this what you really look like?"

I yanked my head back out of his grip. Hissing, and squinting my eyes a little as pain rushed through my middle. Ethan stepped back.

"I'm sorry," Ethan dropped to his knees, "I have problems with people. I freeze up, and I just can't get the words out."

"You're okay with this?" I was genuinely stunned.

"I'm terribly shy," Ethan reached over to touch me again, "I have a horrible time talking to people, but you're not a person."

I shifted away from his touch as my tail started to lash back, and forth slowly.

"I've never seen an Archaic species like you in any of the books," Ethan pulled his hand back after seeing my discomfort, "I actually joined the military so I could hopefully study them, but you. You're a unique specimen. I've read every Archaic book there is, and there's not even the slightest mention of a small intelligent reptilian species."

"Okay," I went to step to my right, and pain flared up my still injured hand.

I hissed as I brought my right hand back up. I looked at my hand, and wiggled my fingers. I'd been sitting long enough for it to swell, and now it hurt worse. I could tell that I was already healing though.

"You're hurt," Ethan lifted me off the ground while I was distracted.

"Hey," I squirmed in his grip as I was set up on the desk, "What do you think you're doing?"

"I'm trying to help," Ethan pulled the med kit up next to me.

"I don't need help," I tried to move away, but Ethan put his hand in the way.

Time to try out my full strength. I leaned back on my legs as I tensed them, and sprung up, and over Ethan. I landed behind him, and it sent pain ringing up through my arm from my hand. I was going to break it again if I didn't take it easy. Ethan spun around to look at me again.

"You can jump?" Ethan smiled clearly excited by this, "How high?"

I hissed at him as he moved towards me again. He stopped, and looked down. I could actually feel my body shaking as my muscles tensed.

"Sorry," Ethan actually looked ashamed.

I stopped hissing as I started to relax slowly.

"I'm pushing to much," Ethan pushed one of the desk chairs up next to my door as I watched him cautiously, "I'm just going to hurt you worse at this rate."

He backed away from the chair, and I moved towards it. I watched him carefully with my right eye as I tracked were I was going with my left. I hopped on the chair, and pressed my hand to the lock. The door clicked open, and I slipped inside. Pulling the barely open door closed quickly as I looked at the bed, and sighed heavily.

I jumped up on the bed, and it was almost too short of a jump. I dug my hands into the mattress, and settled on the blanket. With all the excitement that had happened since my rush to the room, and Ethan's excitement to get his hands on me I had no energy left. Sleep was the only thing my body could handle now. I slept deeply, and dreamed of chasing down my own food.

Actually hunting. Not just eating meat but catching it myself. That annoying beep woke me, and I growled at the offending sound.

Hp fully restored. Mp fully restored.

I stretched slowly yawning. Then all the events of yesterday came back to me. Ethan!?!?! What if he'd told somebody about me? I looked around quickly.

Someone would have come for me by now. I jumped down from the bed, and pushed off the ground with my arms. My talons clicked lightly on the door as I closed my mouth around the handle, and turned. The latch clicked, and the door swung open as I dropped back on all fours. Ethan had sat in the chair by my door, and his head lolled as he slept.

I sat down, and stared at him intently. Then I looked down at my small size, and an idea popped into my head. Maybe there was a way Ethan could help me after all. With my control over my body getting better I decided to try something. I ran to the other side of the shared area, and jumped.

I hit Ethan right in the middle, and spring boarded off of him as he made an oof sound. I flipped in the air, and hit the opposite wall with all four feet. Pushing off much gentler than I had jumped off Ethan. I ended up in the middle of the room when I landed. Ethan coughed a bit from the chair as he woke with a start.

"I know a way you can help me," I turned so I was looking at him with my right eye, "If you still want to."


Author's note.

I am not a romance or sexy type of writer. Nor will I be writing smut in any way shape or form so if you're reading this for sexy dragon time, then you've picked the wrong story. Ethan's actions are unusual yes, but they will not lead to anything smut related in the story unless it's a suggestive joke or TMI moment, and if it does happen it will not be described in any detail at all.

Simply put. I DO NOT WRITE SMUT.

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