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The Arcane


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What is The Arcane

The Arcane is a popular web novel written by the author judah_baker, covering ACTION, REINCARNATION, FANTASY, KINGDOM-BUILDING, LITRPG, STRONG MC, GAME ELEMENT, PARALLEL WORLD, GOD-GODDESS, MONSTER ABILITIES, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 394 readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 0 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 0 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Hello... I'm Haydrian Morningstar and I implore you to go on an adventure with me. This is the story of the Last Arcane, or rather the Rise of the Arcane. This journey will be rough and dark at times but it's your job to see characters persevere through. You will see many characters struggle through the world like two boys from earth trying to figure out where they belong or how to use there power for good in spite of their nature; a dungeon lord trying to find a way to get back at the church and nobles; nobles trying to Change the hierarchy; commoners trying to find their way in the world and the last child of an arcane trying to learn how to grow stronger to survive. Arc one: Arcane Dungeon Lord (name is still a work in progress) Life is hard and so the best way to make a name for yourself or grow more powerful safely? Go to the academy right? Characters all converge at the school for the attuned and mystic arts. Here they learn how polarizing the world is... they school becomes increasingly disturbing as there are various attacks, maybe it's not as safe as we thought? here in this world you can either side with yourself, the dungeon lords, the nobles, others, or the goddess in order to save yourself and maybe those you learn to care for. Maybe at one point you'll have to make that choice. In this story you'll have many different characters to follow and so if it's too much for you or too hard to follow you may select the chapters titled with that characters name.

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