The Arcane Reject Book

novel - Magical Realism

The Arcane Reject


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Jason Smith is the son of the blacksmith Gerald Smith. From a young age, Jason was always interested in magic. Once he turned 16, he made his way to the capital, hoping to have himself tested as a possible practicer of the arcane arts. But the universe played him no such card, for disappoint struck when they came all negitive. He hoped that because his father was somewhat magical, that he may be more so. So after wondering around the city, he's met with the truth that work is hard come by. By working non-stop, and barely meeting ends meets, does he finally find himself a a place in this expansive creation of stone and sweat. But lady luck would play him another visit, as his father has fallen deathly ill. Now needing to head home, his wonderlust for knowledge was short-lived. But what he finds as he parts ways with the bustling streets would guide his life, cover to cover.