63 Wedding Night Decisions


 Serenity and Matt grinned broadly at each other as she placed her hand into his. Lifting their arms up as he pulled her in, Matt said; "I knew you'd love it.."

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 Serenity laughed lightly; "I admit it, I do.. Why did you pick this song?"

 Matt chuckled nervously; "To be honest, it was just stuck in my head. I realized I was tapping it a few months back, and it's just been there ever since. When I made the music box for you, I picked it because I couldn't remember anything else."

 "Well, I remember how that song goes, and it's," Serenity leaned back to look him in the face; "Kinda perfect for us. Thank you, Matt."

 While smiling warmly at her, Matt leaned in for a tender kiss. The sweet scent of her was intoxicating, and it made him want her all the more..

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