58 United We Stand

 Most of the Undines were scared of the Queen's story at first. She spoke of their world ending, and said that both the Greae, and Poseidon himself were the ones to tell her.. The entire story was nearly inconceivable. The only reason that the people believed her was because of four individuals..

 Mayor Ugo swam up to be in front of the people first, and told them of the conversation that he and Queen Serenity had had in the city. He explained how she'd planned: 'To break and remake the Council into what it should've always been'.

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 Their Mayor had grinned broadly at the Undines before he commented; "Isn't that what she Just did? I say we give her a chance!"

 The people cheered for Mayor Ugo as he rejoined the crowds. He looked up at Serenity for a moment and caught her flashing him a small smile before she looked away..

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