61 Too Good

 When Serenity and Selena returned about twenty minutes later, both of their faces were beet-red. Serenity's ears were practically glowing, and she swam very ridgidly as she came and sat back down beside him. When he asked if she was okay, she nodded, then started eating again.

 Serenity's movements were almost mechanical as she lost herself in her thoughts.. 'So weird.. Just, so weird.. At least it's similar to what humans do; minus the legs entwining bit, but still..'

 'Okay, based off of what Selena said: I can't get pregnant like a human does, but he could cause me to 'spawn' if it's 'good'? What the hell does that mean?! How am I supposed to know if it's 'good' or not?! I have no experience!'

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 'At least we won't have any kids unless he does the 'fishy deed'.. But Selena said he could pre-fertilize an egg if I like it too much.. Will I like it? I know Maria and Layla said that they liked it, but they were humans. Will I while being like this?'

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