67 The View

 Matt and Serenity went straight from the Selkies' Island, to the Undine palace in record time. Constantine was supposed to be in charge of the Merfolk Palace while he was gone, but the fool was waiting with two of his most trusted soldiers.

 There used to be three bridges that crossed the Salt River, but the one connecting the Gorgons' and Sirens' territories was destroyed a long time ago. The two that remained connected the Gorgons with the Undines, and a split bridge connected the Merfolk and Undines to the Selkies.

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 As soon as Matt saw Constantine, he started yelling at him for abandoning his post; "What the hell?! You can't be here! What if my parents try-"

 Constantine put his hands up in a defensive manner; "Hey now! Don't kill me, I'm just here to assign these two to you. They're the ones that escort our shipments to the Siren's drop off point."

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