65 The Selkie Kingdom

 The Selkies' boarder lined the Undine Kingdom like all of the rest of the kingdoms, but their island was closer to the Merfolk Palace. It was connected to the same small mountain range that housed the Merfolk metalworks.

 The volcanic vents that the Merfolk used to melt and bend the raw materials was connected to the same system that had created the island. It wasn't too far from the palace, so it barely took them over half an hour to get to the boarder, where the Selkies' island entrance was.

 As Serenity looked up at the mountain, her jaw dropped in awe. Beautiful corals covered the mountainside as it extended up, and breached the waters. Every color of the rainbow could be seen in random patches, resembling a massive pile of jewels to her.

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 Information flooded her mind as she spotted uncountable species of every manner of ocean life. From sharks, to stingrays, to fish that she never could've imagined; all swimming around the coral-encrusted mountains.

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