53 The Blame Game


 As Matt deepened the kiss, he removed his hands from the sides of Serenity's face. He wrapped one arm around her waist, and his other hand went into her hair. She ran her hands up his bared chest, then hooked them together behind his neck.

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 A profound yearning that neither of them could deny was met and shared between them. Matt had let himself float down to the floor, making sure to keep his tail fin straight so Serenity could sit on top of his lap. He was much bigger than her, so they were nearly even when she was on him.

 A tiny moan escaped Serenity as he tightened his grip in her hair. They had only kissed once, and it was right before they died.. This was drastically different from that.

 Matt took his time savoring her. Her lips didn't feel the same, but they were familiar, and the emotions they invoked within him told him that she was his Serenity..

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