52 Pop Tarts


After Selena and Levi left the room, Iris felt her nerves fray. She had been alone with Atlas a bunch of times, but this was different.. Their relationship was different.

 "You look beautiful in that," Atlas stated, not sure of where to begin.

 Knowing that she was like him was driving him insane. Atlas had been so alone for the past three years, now he was marrying someone who could actually relate to his unbelievable situation. She hadn't been there as long as he had, but she was the only person on that planet that could understand him..

 'I wonder if she's American like me, or maybe she's from Europe? Or Asia? Is she really even a 'she' in there?'

 As random questions drew Atlas' attention away, Iris stared at him with just as much wonder, and even more skepticism. When she thought about it rationally, a part of her understood why he'd lied, but only at first..

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