64 Not Like Indiana

 Matt woke up a few hours later to his arm throbbing. When he tried to pull on it, he realized that Serenity was using it as a pillow. She was facing him as she breathed in and out evenly. Her eyes occasionally shifting under her lids as she dreamed.

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 Laying there, watching her sleep, was so utterly peaceful that he had almost forgotten how they'd finally passed out. She was crying, and nothing he said or asked would coax her into telling him why. All she would say is that it had nothing to do with him.

 It was a minuscule comfort for Matt, considering how distraught she was. He would've preferred that she told him the issue, but knew better than to push her into it. He had learned the hard way that Serenity did things in her own time, and to force her hand was inviting conflict with a violent nature..

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