68 Into The Darkness


Before Matt could get too deep into his thoughts, Serenity grabbed and squeezed his hand. When he looked at her, he could clearly see that she was putting on a brave face.

 With a quick peck on her forehead, Matt said; "I promise I'll protect you.. I won't let anything bad happen."

 Serenity sighed woefully, then asked; "Matt, that's sweet, but Why did you have to say something like that? Remember the Captain?! I'd really like to Not end up in another movie moment!"

 Levi perked up; "What's a 'movie moment'?"

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 Serenity looked Levi straight in the eye, and spoke with a serious tone; "Usually either terrifying, or tragic, and it always follows statements like That.."

 As Matt grabbed a bag from Bismuth's side, he commented; "Or action-packed-"

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