48 Interrogations And Gifts

When Iris swam back into the room, everyone in it had a different expression. Draxzel was grinning wildly, Actaeon was unfazed, Selena looked very angry, and Baskil looked.. constipated.


Seeing the confusion on her face, the Gorgon King had to poke at the usually bashful Undine Queen; "So...What's this about a kiss, now?"


Iris made an odd squeal noise before snapping at him; "What? How said that?!"


"You did.. Very loudly, and very clearly," Selena's voice was icy as she spoke.


"I'd be angry, too, if someone kissed me after they tried to kidnap me," Draxzel teased.

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"Oh, Shut Up Already! No One wants to Kiss you or Kidnap you!" Selena bellowed at him, needing an outlet for her anger.


Draxzel grinned as the snakes on his head hissed at Selena; "I think you're gettin' awful touchy about the idea of others kissing me.. You're always welcome to-"


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