59 Favorite Color

 Serenity stared at Levi with annoyance written all over her features; "That temple was as old as the Monarch's Edifice! Look at it! It's just a pretty pile of rocks now!"

 Levi shrugged; "Well, they shouldn't have threatened Selena in front of me.."

 "Whatever happened to 'gods aren't supposed to interfere with mortal rule'? Did you really think I was gonna let them hurt her?! Or take her?!" Serenity yelled as she balled her hands into fists.

 "You weren't responding at the time! It was like you were in a trance," Levi remarked with a curt tone.

 "I was thinking! It takes time to comb through someone's memories when they live Way longer than you do! As young as she was, Iris still had over two-hundred years on me! Humans don't live that long!"

 Levi sighed; "Look, I'm the God of WRATH. Which means that when I get angry, things get messy. They all know that she's important-you're both important to me.. They should've kept that in mind."

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