57 Culling

 All of the ruckus from Serenity and Levi's fight had drawn a crowd. The city was close enough to the palace that many could even see Levi's head poking out over the top of the partly-harvested kelp forest. As the Undines flowed in from the city, the situation was reaching it's boiling point...

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 Half of the Merfolk Council were discussing the turn of events, but the other half were glaring at Selena. While they were grateful to Matt for all that he'd done, they understood the gravity, and possible repercussions of the Undine Queen and High Acolyte's choice. Much worse than just Matt's time skew could've happened...


 Most of the Undine Council were openly glaring at Selena. Only the twelve that were utterly loyal to Iris were looking at her with disappointment, which was worse to her. Those were the ones that had stuck by their every decision for decades. Now: that built up trust was crumbling.

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