60 Brainstorming


As Serenity watched Levi swim away, a dejected expression overtook her features. Matt put a comforting hand on her shoulder, then swam up to her side. He gently nudged her chin up with his other hand, then tried to assure her by saying; "Just give him time to sort himself out.. Usually takes a longer for our type to clue into things."

 Serenity quirked an eyebrow at him; "What do you mean, 'our type'?"

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 Matt smirked; "Lovestruck idiots that are just as nervous as you are.."

 Serenity laughed, it was such a cheesy thing to say, but it died on her lips when she saw the intensity in his gaze. It was at that moment that she realized: he hadn't taken his fingers away from her chin..

 Matt stretched them along the curve of her jawline, then he brought his palm up to cup her cheek. A shiver ran down Serenity's spine as she watched embers of passion fighting against being smothered.

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