51 Beautiful In Blue

 After a few arguments back and forth about decorations, arrangements, and budgets; Iris, Selena, and Levi went back to the Queen's quarters. They swam in silence as Selena simmered in her anger..

 She'd kept quiet about it in the carriage because Iris was so distraught. Technically she still was over the whole day, but Selena couldn't hold herself back when the door latched shut..

 Glaring at Iris and Levi in turns, she unleashed her fury; "So you have been secretly seeing a Merman behind my back this Entire time?! And one that tried to kidnap you?! Didn't I Warn you how they couldn't be trusted?!"

 Iris sighed deeply(she knew it was coming); "To be fair: he didn't kidnap me, but he did save my life from the Selkies.."

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 Selena glared at Iris; "Oh, I heard! I heard the whole story!"

 Iris quirked an eyebrow; "Were you eavesdropping on the summit?"

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