46 Atlas Triton: King

"I don't understand; a new era?" Hermes inquired with confusion in his voice.

Atlas kept his winning smile on his face as he spoke; "It's simple: I am claiming the Crown by dethroning my Father.."

The group of men began to murmur amongst themselves. It was a concept that they had only dreamed of, but was the prince really telling the truth, or was it a ploy to get them all to admit to treason? As they debated the possibility, Constantine left the Priest's side to tell them his thoughts on the matter..

"I know that you lot don't trust our prince. That you think he's the same Merman that we all know and despise," Constantine looked up at Atlas; "No offense."

"None taken, I Was a piece of crap," Atlas replied, knowing that it wasn't actually him that they were talking about.

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