41 Atlas Triton(Part Three)


Sighing lightly with a strained smile, 'Atlas' swam over to his nightstand where a shell necklace sat. The doctor had pointed out the Fate's Spindle while he told Matt about his body's life. Grabbing it, he hesitated slightly before swimming up to her..

There was no glow. Not even a flicker. The girl burst into tears, screamed that she loved him, then swam out the room as fast as she could. A guard poked his head in, smiled politely at his prince, then said; "Never gets easier, does it? I'll send her away like the others, if she comes back.."

With that declaration hanging in the air, the guard closed the door, and went back to his post. Matt shook his head in disapproval as he stared out loud; "God, this guy was a tool! ....Now I get to deal with his messes.."

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