44 Atlas Triton(Part Six)

As Matt swam across the threshold of the door, an eerie, but non-threatening feeling overcame him. The passageways obviously hadn't been used it eons, and the hidden room looked like it hadn't been disturbed for even longer.

When he'd reached about four feet in, the entire room had suddenly lit up. Matt jumped, and dropped as low as he could as he prematurely yelled; "I knew it!"

Nothing else happened, to his great relief, but Matt was still completely freaked out.. 'I'm not Indiana Jones! I can't handle this shit!'

Matt went to swim away, but stopped by the doorway. 'What's the point? Go back and hide in my room? ...Maybe there's something in here that can help me..'

Swallowing his fear; Matt turned back around, and started to rummage through the stacks of papers and books scattered everywhere. As he started to go through sheet after sheet, he realized that everything was blank..

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