42 Atlas Triton(Part Four)

"What?! I'm not getting married?!" Matt yelled louder than he wanted.

The Queen's face went rigid; "Yes, you are. And it will be to the Siren's Queen.."

Matt stared at his mother in disbelief; "I thought that the Sirens had a king?"

"Oh, son.. She does right now, but he isn't producing. Therefore the Queen is in the market for a more virile mate. Hopefully, the Fate's Spindle will make it easier on us all when you meet her at your first summit in a few months.. But she swears that even if it doesn't, things will still work out to our benefit.."

"Wow. A little too Games of Thrones for me. I decline the proposal," Matt replied with a hard stare.

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"What? This is no game, child. If you and the Queen marry, we will be able to finally contend with the Undines! We can storm their kingdom, and Force Queen Iris to either give up her powers, or make it so the currents primarily flow over Us, instead of them."

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