The Aquarian Crown
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The Aquarian Crown


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What is The Aquarian Crown

The Aquarian Crown is a popular web novel written by the author Sara_Wilcox, covering ROMANCE, ACTION, ADVENTURE, COMEDY, MAGIC, TRANSMIGRATION, MERMAIDS, KRAKEN, FIRSTLOVE, INTRIGUE, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 11.4K readers with an average rating of 4.88/5 and 13 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 24 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Serenity Espoir was looking forward to her cruise ship vacation with her friends. The events, competitions, and on-deck luaus looked like a lot of fun... Next thing she knows, she’s waking up in a giant clam bed, and being addressed as Queen Iris! As Serenity adjusts to everything from a new name and body, to an entirely different world; she quickly learns that everything is Not better under the sea... While her new world does hold untold beauty and possibilities, Serenity will do whatever it takes to find her way back home, and back to the only man that she ever loved. ‘Is Matt even still alive? Were any of them? Is there even a way to get back home?’ As Serenity’s story progresses, she will encounter Mermaids, Sirens, Selkies, and many more sea creatures and gods than she ever knew existed. As she learns the history behind not only her powers, but why the Aquarian’s world was created in the first place; a Prophecy emerges.. One that not even Poseidon himself can change.. As the Fate of the Cosmos hangs in the balance, All await the rightful ruler: the Heir to the Aquarian Crown. What will you discover in the depths? DISCLAIMER. 18+ Content Warning For: Language, Violence, Gore, War, and Some Sexual Content. VIEWER’S DISCRETION IS ADVISED *This art/cover is not owned by me. If the creator would like me to remove it, please notify me Via Facebook or Discord* ***Updates will be between 8:00 A.M and 11:00 A.M (GMT+8) 7 DAYS A WEEK*** Unless... *Top 200 Power Ranking: 3 Bonus Chapters* *Top 100 Power Ranking: 5 Bonus Chapters* *Bonus Chapters Will Be Released On TGIFs Every Week That Ranking Is Maintained*

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The way it's written, the language is well-formed. The story is transmigration and the author really takes us to the fantasy world fast. The dialogues are well thought out, the characterization above all is splendid. Really well written. Keep it up. Try this story, you will definitely like it. I am looking forward for more.


This was surprisingly good. The author's command over English is spectacular. The characters are detailed and most of the story just flows. I couldn't find too many flaws (like seriously, I looked). Looking forward to reading more of this.


*I love and believe in my story, so yes: SHAMELESS personal review😂 First off: Thank You very much for checking out my work. I truly appreciate you(potential and current readers), and all those who have left a review so far🥰 I love Fae, Spirits, Vampires, Monsters; pretty much anything Mythical and/or Mythological. I’m also a huge history fan thanks to my mom❤️ Not all creatures/Deities will follow their exact historical depiction, but I think you’ll like what I’ve created😁 Whether you love it or hate it: please review my work(respectfully). Critiques help me grow as a writer, and I sincerely believe in my work. P.S. If you like this one, check out my other Novel series: Dawning Skye. Sincerely: Sara☮️❤️😁


The book doesn't take long for it to jump into the plot line which I enjoy. The author has very clean flow and a fair bit of adventure is in the novel. Good work!


WOW~ mermaid story~ really love mermaids~ and I love how you told the story~ not the cliche mermaid to human but it was the other way around~ Had fun reading it...just got a little confused as the POV changes from one character to another in a middle of a scene. But everything was A-Okay~


What an exciting introduction to a new underwater world! I liked the fast-paced dialogue and descriptive language - that scene where the cruise liner is going down was heart-stopping! - and finally, this new world of the ocean. Keep going - added to my library!


Prepare to dive into this novel! It's a splash of subaquatic adventure! I can't say enough how delightful is to read this novel! You must try it for yourself. First of all, I loved the vibe, it's light, colorful, and lively. The characters are charismatic and the description, backstory, etc, is just on point. Can I get Matthew? Our mermaid doesn't need him! She'll have many adventures and responsibilities, c'mon! I liked how everything was introduced, it seemed so effortless and natural that I bet it wasn't! Good luck! Well done so far!


This book is an amazing one. I've always been a stucker for Aquarian-themed books. So when I saw this, and read through the first three chapters? Wow, I can only tell you these words... Yes, you reading this, this book is one of those books you start reading and have no intentions to let go of in a hurry. Great job, author. Plus, your Grammar co-ordination skill is over the roof. There is nothing unlovable about how you paint a picture with your words. Excellent job! [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


I really enjoyed reading this novel. The world background is amazing, but the character design is superb. I love the MC, she is so funny and had the personality I like to see in most fantasy world stories, a bit of an easy-going personality with humor but not too over... sigh... I really like how this is going. Author, I had read your other work, and I already knew this will turn as fantastic as the other one. Wish you good luck with the WSA. [img=recommend]


I love your novel! I think it is very well worded, your writing is unique and creative and everything seems really well thought out. Your characters are good, there is nothing bad I have to say about this. Keep it up author!


Storytelling is smooth. The way it was narrated was so compelling especially when paired with very vivid descriptions that allow the reader to fully immerse in the scenes. It's a great story and very promising plot. Keep on writing, author.


The Aquarian Crown has everything down to a tee. Engaging storyline? Check. Likeable MC? Check. An interesting romance? Check. I love it! I'm looking forward to more chapters!


This has gotten me completely wrapped up into the storyline. As I read through the first three chapters I begin to become totally engrossed in the story line. I am patiently waiting for the next chapters to come out. The way the story line shifted was absolutely flawless! So excited to see where this story goes.


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