1 Give me a break

*Clang, Clang, Clang*

The sound of the bell woke me up.

I took the magazine off my face and I looked at the person who walked into the store.

—Hello, what you want?

I leaned into the chair behind the counter.

The person who came in was an old man, but not too old, he had his white hair well combed, and his white beard well cut. The black suit he wore, and his composure make him impose quite a bit.

People dressed like him don't usually come into this store dedicated to selling poor quality things.

—You must be the person I was said to look for.


—My name is Milos. I oversee recruiting people who are going to become a superhuman.

I looked at him without knowing what to say. A joke? Is he drunk? Doesn't looks like that at least.

—Are you okey buddy? Do you want a glass of water?

—You are the number 739 I visit since 6am, I would gladly accept that glass of water.

That he said I'm the number 739? I watched my clock and right now are 8 am. What has he done? Visit all the people on the neighborhood?

—I will be back in a moment, feel free to take a walk around the store.

When I went to the backroom formed by a living room with kitchen and a bathroom, that is, my house, I took a deep breath.

­—What kind of crazy guy broke into my store? Sigh.

Trying no to think about it much I picked two glasses from the kitchen, filled them with water and took them back to the store.

When I was back the old man was looking at some earplugs.

—Ehem. Here's your water.

—Thank you.

—So, you're going to buy earplugs?

The old man looked back and chose a couple of them.

—But I did not come here for earplugs, I came for you.

The oldie was looking at me while he drank his glass of water in one gulp.

I'm going to make sure I didn't hear that.

I took the earplugs, looked up the price and returned them.

—That would be 2€.

—For some earplugs 2€?

I smiled at him.

—I don't put the prices, sir.


The old man pulled a two euro coin out of his pocket.

—But well, I don't like to repeat myself, and as I've told you twice now, we're leaving.

The old man grabbed me by the neck of the t-shirt.

—Wa—Waaait. What you doing?

—You do not have anything you want here, do you?

Except for the necklace I was wearing no, but… I don't want to be kidnapped by an oldie I just met!

—Don't worry, it will be fast.

He smiled at me in a way that made me want to get even further away from him.

However, I felt myself dragged into his hand.

I started screaming like crazy, but I felt like, no matter how much I scream, I wasn't going to get to anybody.

A moment later I opened my eyes to realize that I was sitting on the floor surrounded by other people.

—Where am I?

Some people looked at me, but I think they were just as lost as I was.

When I got up, I saw that I was in a big white room full of people.

Really, where am I?

I was circling around, every so often you could see a glow and a person would appear.

Is that how I showed up here too? Is it all the old man's fault?

After a while of nonsense, someone showed up on the only balcony between the walls. Like mosquitoes guided to a light, we all turn our heads to the person who appeared.

—Welcome 'New Generation'! I'm sure a lot of you are surprised, but I bring you some good news.

New generation? Good news? The girl smiled as she watched us.

Around the great hall murmurs were heard. Some couldn't accept what was going on, others seemed more impatient about what was coming, but overall, we were all disgusted by the situation.

—You have been selected for a life of strength, power and success, that is, a dream life, but at the same time you can live the opposite.

Sigh, I scratched my head. I didn't understand anything that was going on. A dream life? I'm sorry, but even though being the richest guy in the world, that doesn't exist. That's bullshit.

At that moment of hesitation, a man with an imposing voice shouted from the ground.

—Why have we been dragged here?! What is this place?! Who are you?!

We're all in silence.

Is he crazy? We've been transported here without knowing how and you still think you can command? Are you stupid?

The girl on the balcony let out a little laugh.

—Why? Who? What? All those questions will have to be answered by yourself, or with the help of your friends, as you pass the tests. It'll still take a little while to start, but since you're 1000 gathered you can see your numbers on a sticker on your clothes, and I just want you to say 'Status' for now. Ciao.

And the girl went back inside, leaving us alone again.

This situation is crazy. I don't understand a thing. Tests? And what the fuck is that about answering the questions? I want to go home.

I looked at my sweatshirt and saw that there was a sticker with the number 739.

Suddenly, a person next to me screamed in surprise.

—Are you all right? What happened?

The boy, who had his eyes open as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing, lifted his finger to the front. But there was nothing there.

—What? What's going on? I can't see nothing.

Hearing that I didn't see anything, the boy looked back in front and then told me what was going on.

—I said 'Status' and in front of me a window has appeared. Like in a game.

I looked at him strangely, he was ill-dressed, but he didn't seem to be high or drunk.

—If you don't believe me, try saying it.

Are you teasing me? Is this joke?

But within me grew a feeling of doubt. What if it was true?

Sigh. I made up my mind.


When I said it, I fell to the ground of surprise.



Name: Caelum

Age: 20

Titles: --

Level: 1

Remaining Points: 0


Ø Strength: 21

Ø Agility: 15

Ø Vitality: 21

Ø Senses: 13

Ø Intelligence: 18




—Now you believe me?

I looked back at the guy in front of me and looked at the status window again.

—Is this for real?

—My name is Mason.

The boy reached out his hand.

—I Caelum.


Same reaction as everyone else.

—Yes, my parents decided to give me a unique name.

Mason laughed.

—What does that mean?

—Heaven, sky, chisel, other than that it is also the name of a constellation.

The boy was surprised by my answer.

—Wow, if you know the meaning, the name gets a lot better.

I laughed at his comment. Nobody said it that way.

—And where are you from?

—Denver, Colorado.

I looked at him strangely.

—Repeat that?

—Is something wrong?

—I am from Madrid, Spain.

It took Mason a while to understand why I was surprised.

How is it possible that two people who do not speak the same language understand each other? Because it's clear I have no idea about English.

Although, I think it will have something to do with the status window.

Seriously, what have the old man got me into? Give me a break.

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