1 01.The betrayal

''No, how could you do that? She is just a little girl. How could you kick her out the safety only to save yourself? I said I will be back. Why? Just why?'' The thin woman kneeled in front of obviously good nurtured people.

''That outside became too restless. To make them calmer we had to sacrifice someone. She was ill anyways. And her heart condition is not going to be better any time soon.'' The woman came closer while she blew smoke into her face.

A small round package of medicine slipped her fingers and rolled to the woman's foot. ''I already found her medicine. She would have healed at that time. It was a newly developed medicine. If you just waited one more day...''

The woman laughed sarcastically. ''So what? Even if you came on time we would have done that. She is just extra mouth we need to feed. Now I am pregnant with your hubby's baby. It's not like he won't have new descendants.''

''What?'' She was already numb from all the pain that she felt through the loss of her child.

But this revelation made her completely blank. She felt as her soul started crumbling. ''Just one question, when did it start between the two of you?''

''Oh dear Emma. It was me even before you. He married you just for the money's sake. After you became wealthy with all those programs you sold he felt he could sacrifice himself a little bit for both of our sake. Actually, he supported me the whole time. He even brought me into your home as a babysitter so you could earn more money.'' She laughed while others joined her laugh and patted her back.

Emma turned her head and stared at him with wide eyes. ''Is it true?''

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He crouched in front of her and just poked her head. ''You think I married you for your sake? You are not pretty, sophisticated, or even sexy. You wear comfortable clothes around me instead of pleasing me. You hate wearing anything sexy. I never saw you with makeup on. And our child... sigh I have to tell you something. That day I was seriously drunk and forgot to take precautions. I wanted you to earn a lot of money and then die by accident, letting me inherit everything.''

The woman just patted his face. ''Ohhhhh, my poor baby. It must have been hard on you being with this kind of woman. Ugly, fat and boring. But now we can live good. hahaha. Under her effort we have this save heaven where we can raise our beautiful child.'' She patted her small belly as she hugged the man in front of her eyes.

Emma turned her eyes towards the people that congratulated to the young pair. ''You all knew?''

One younger man came to her and laughed and then slapped her. ''You must be a really dumbest smart person on this damnable planet. We are their friends and family members. We helped them in this all. Now we can all live comfortably. By the way, I will tell you little secret, anyway it doesn't matter anymore.''

He came closer to her ear and whispered the words that made her into a glass that shattered into xilion pieces. ''Your child was not from start on heartsick. We poisoned her so she would die. Actually he fed her the posion. Bit by bit until she became gravely ill. We just waited for her passing. Unfortunately, you fought for her life. So dumb...''

She stared at the people that just sat there and was shook until the core. She looked at the screen and saw countless zombies clamoring in front of the main gate. She chuckled. ''They are not the monsters. Just hungry people. Here are real ones.''

No one paid attention to teh staggering woman as they spoke.

She walked towards her main computer and just turned the boundaries off.

The gates opened and teh crowd started filling in space. Then the main door opened brightly letting them in. She sat in her chair as she har the snarling behind herself.

The screams of people and snarling became just white voice as she pressed the last button and white light enveloped her. Finally, I will see you again... My beloved Aine.

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