The Apartment- A Dramione Story(ABRUPT ENDING) Book

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The Apartment- A Dramione Story(ABRUPT ENDING)


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One drunk as piss, Draco. One having the time of her life, Hermione. Clash. They didn't know their life wasn't perfect until the day the really saw each other. ----------- She was wearing this yellow bathrobe which she probably bought a while ago because it was quite short on her It reached her mid-thigh and the neckline was deep. "Close your mouth. " she snapped me out of my Aah....she caught me checking her out. Oh no Her face was showed a slight pink and suddenly I had the most amazing idea. "If you wanted to impress me a nice meal would also work" Her face turns a dark shade of red. Out of anger, not embarrassment this time. Oh, how I've missed this. But damn she looks way hotter than she did then. ------- Can Hermione forgive the Slytherin Prince for all his past mistakes? Or will she make him beg and work to earn that forgiveness? The only person smart enough to face Draco is the smartest witch of her generations! -------------------------


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