1 Chapter 1-How Foolish

A stool sat in the middle of a white room, the stool made from obsidian glittering and varying from its surroundings.

On the stool sat a male that looked to be in his late to early 20s. His hair and eye color are black reflecting his polluted soul.

He held a poker face, the cold, lifeless look in his eyes successfully dropped the temperature of the room.

Two ebony orbs examined the room, taking in every detail of every corner, as eyebrows scrunched up.

The male looked over noticing a presence.

He was unable to move but his posture was still held in refinement a natural air of power radiating off of him. As if he had the upper hand even if he was restrained.


His dark, chilly voice held its charm, being husky, and commanding a voice that made it impossible for anyone to refuse his demand.

Thus, the air in the room began spinning around him. Such force should have swept any normal human up and tore them apart, but the stool he was restricted to keep that from happening. Even without such hack, he's just as godly, maybe godlier.

Once the air paused a gremlin-like-creature smudged from the winds.

The creature held a carefree expression, its fur patterned like a cheetah. In contrast, it had white fur surrounding its mouth and nose, a white belly. The creature looking to be around its youngest years of age.

It has two big round blue eyes that should be able to warm the darkest of hearts. Well, it 'should' be able to but the glaring iceberg of a man that sat on the stool in front of it couldn't be defined as a human.

The beast's paws are tiny and its hands are pink.

"Hello human?"

The male only raised an eyebrow. Despite the adorable baby-like features, it held the voice of a full-grown man. that held its own charm.

Yet, that wasn't what spiked the male's curiosity. What spiked his curiosity is...

'It speaks?'

He grinned at the little beast's ability to speak. Interested more in that than the fact that the creature is real.

The creature spun its body elated as it continued with its dialogue, ignoring the other male's thoughts since it can read the male's mind.

"I am a Mazoku, my kind follows under a leader who also follows under a leader I'm the lowest-ranked demon. And like any other demon-"

" So you from hell."

The male's assertion was curt as he interrupted it.

He glanced at the fluffy demon with a more diabolic gleam in his eye, causing the Mazoku's once ebullient attitude to become uneasy.

The little creature peered up with quivering big blue orbs, only to look away as soon as their eyes met.

It shivered in fear from one glance in the name eyes.

It felt like it was being eaten whole in the male's pitch-black nightmarish orbs that held a mocking scowl.

The look gave it a feeling of terror, the Mazoku baby took in a deep breath, feeling as if it was suffocating just by being in the presence of the villainous male.

The Mazoku took in a deep breath, speaking in a voice that nearly sounds like a whisper, causing the cold-hearted male across from him to strain his ears.

"Dear friend, uh, this is, uh, uh! Hell?"

The male rose his eyebrow: the small creature speech tick was weirder than its deep voice and way weirder than its ability to talk.

The simple raise of an eyebrow gave his face a malicious look, causing the insignificant creature to stare harder at the ground. The Mazoku voice dropped to an octave lower than humanly possible, but somehow it reached the men.

"Z-zero p-pick a world, uh, from the uh list?"

The black-haired male eye twitched.

'what's with the little thing's strange habit of saying every sentence as if it is a question?'

Two pitch-black orbs glowered up at the ceiling.

'That's right.'

He nearly forgot his name that hasn't been spoken in years. Mainly because he killed everyone who dares to speak his given name or any form of his name.

Then he posted their heads in Washington D.C on the White House roof and broadcasted it on every piece of technology for a message to the bold or stupid, that and he hated politics. Oh, his lovely tyrant days he still reminisces over them~. Remembering the anguished and terrified stares.

He is visually angry because he got pulled out of his world right before he destroyed it.

He already knew hell awaited him with two brazen red gates welcoming him in as if he is a regular.

Why will a Villain like himself even get a glimpse of heaven's gates? He has no religion nor did he do any good deed that is if you don't count the first five to six years of his life, never mind only the first year his life was innocent.

He lightly huffed, looking at the blue screen that appeared in front of him different names of different animes appeared. His black orbs scanned the transparent screen, stopping on a familiar name.


He muttered out with a raised eyebrow. He never really watched anime, but that name was the only one he knew because of his past friendships.

"You are here to save villains from complete doom, uh, pick, uh name n-now?"

"so turn the antagonist into protagonist."

"no, make sure they don't die?"

"So help them destroy the world."

"If the, uh, the world gets destroyed, you'd, uh, will restart?"

"Then take me to hell!"

"y-you have no-no, uh, no choice?!"