1 Introduction

Straight into the woods, lived a girl named Maya. Right from her young days she longed for true love. As she grew up in woods,she was entirely detached from the city life. But the country administration project forced her to move out from there.

The busy city life and the weather prevailed made a chaos in the mind of Maya. By the side of the roads situated a trash van,which became her new abode. She started to have a regularised life there by eating the nearby street food offerings. She became a beautiful but poor 14 year old girl.

Poverty and hunger were the two faces of the world that she witnessed on a daily routine. Near to the streets lied a hospital where most of the city's top prostitutes used to give birth to illegal children. That was the day when a prostitute gave birth to a twin. On the day of discharge those twin babies were thrown to the dustbin.

Maya feeling pity of the just born children took them to her place. She gave them the warmth and affection they never thought of getting.

....To be continued