The Angel Spoils Me On My Way To The Top

Haruto Watanabe a person who failed to achive his dream in being a pro volleyball player gets another shot in the world of Haikyuu. Will the spark that he lost be re-ignited and reach the top or fail once again. Maybe an angel will be the one that will help him reach the top to be the best. [I don't own anything except OC} [Cover art was found on google] (This is my first time writing so I may not have the best grammer but I will try my best to improve)

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Water Fight


"We finally made it…"

Hinata yelled as his eyes shined after seeing the bright blue water met the golden grains of sand on the beach. He ran ahead with Kageyama following right behind with a tired expression on his face.

"Haruto we're finally here!"

"Ohhh it's a good thing you arrive just in time."

Haruto's eyes widened as he heard Hinata's voice and smiled that they made it on time. It was just 10 minutes after seeing Mahiru come out of the changeroom and he was able to finally intimidate all the random guys who were eyeballing Mahiru.

Tanaka and Nishinoya also joined in as there were people gunning for Kiyoko and they made an alliance to protect them.

Yachi, who calmed down after hearing Kiyoko's teasing words, saw the arrival of Hinata and Kageyama and quickly greeted them.

"Hinata you're here!"

"Yachi! yeah I made it on time…"

Hinata heard Yachi's words and transferred his gaze from Haruto onto her. His eyes widened slightly seeing her wearing a blue swimsuit and a white sweater. His eyes started to avoid Yachi's face which made her confused.

"Is something wrong?"

"N-No I just… I'm going to the water now!!!"

Yachi tilted her head at Hinata's reaction before watching him take off his shirt and run towards the large sea.

'Oya? is Hinata's springtime about to arrive~'

Haruto smiled mischievously after witnessing Hinata's odd behavior and chuckled wanting to see more.

He talked with Kageyama for a while before finally making his way to the water where everyone was. Mahiru and the other managers were near the edge playing in the shallow end, while the guys were in the deep end racing each other.

"Holy shit the water is cold."

"Don't worry you'll get used to it once you dip your whole body inside."

Haruto shivered as he submerged his lower body into the sea. Sugawara smiled as he showed Haruto that he would get used to it and dove underneath. Haruto followed along and dove down to reach the others who were grouped up.

He eventually got used to the cold water and even enjoyed just sumerging himself with half of his face being exposed.

"Hah you call that a trick!? Akaashi, let's show them what a real trick is."

"What the hell are they up to now?"

"Kuroo and Bokuto were just showing off to each other, nothing new."

Haruto heard the loud voice of Bokuto as he had Akaashi stand near the semi shallow end, with his hands put together. Kenma, who was in a large ring floaty wearing glasses, sluggishly answered Haruto's question as he relaxed watching the two.

Bokuto tried to run through the water and stepped onto Akaashi's platform he made with his hands. Using the platform he jumped up and did a backflip back into the water.

"How was that??"

"Meh it was mid."

Bokuto's lips twitch as he heard Kuroo's unimpressed response.

"So was that all you got~?"


Bokuto tried his best to think of another trick but his brain started to overheat. Luckily Akaashi whispered something into his ear and his eyes opened wide remembering he still had one last card.

"Kukuku Kuroo I have another thing we can do to finish our little competition if you really want."

"Oh I'm pretty curious to find out what you have planned.~"

"And you guys at Karasuno have to join too!!!"

Bokuto pointed towards the guys of Karasuno who were just spectators watching them fool around. He then walked towards their spot and pulled things out of his bag.


"What have we gotten into…"

Haruto looked at the water gun in his hand and the people who started to break up into groups that represented their schools.

"Is your water gun full Haruto?"

Mahiru approached him while holding a small bucket of water in case his water gun was empty. Haruto stared at her for a bit before pointing the water gun near the base of her neck.

*Pew Pew

"Kyahh w-what are you doing!?"

"Oh wow it looks like my gun was full, who would have thought?"

Mahiru shivered as she felt the cold water press against her exposed neck. She glared at Haruto who gave a flat response and raised the bucket of water in her hands to throw it at him.

"Wait, don't throw the bucket too?!"

"Oh wow it looks like the bucket slipped out of my hands, who would have thought?"

Haruto held up the bucket that was near his face while Mahiru tried her best to tilt it over to get some payback. The two playfully fought ignoring how the guys from the other teams were staring.

"Misaki, I think I found who to aim at first…"

"Same here."

Daiki and Misaki mentally formed a temporary alliance after seeing how Haruto was flirting with a beautiful girl.

"You guys have 2 minutes to prepare so get ready!"

Bokuto screamed out and the different schools that were participating huddled together to get ready for the upcoming fight.

"So do we have any plans?"

"Let's just sprint at them at the beginning and start shooting right away!"

Daichi asked everyone and Tanaka replied quickly making everyone look at him. Nishinoya beside him nodded his head agreeing to Tanaka's plan. They were quiet for a while before Hinata whispered something into Haruto's ear.

"Who's the person nodding?"

"I don't know maybe a kid who wanted to join in…"

The two of them didn't recognize Nishinoya since he had his hair down from the water and were slightly confused to see this person here with them.

"Um that person is Nishinoya."


Asahi gave a small smile as he heard the conversation between Hinata and Haruto.

"But isn't he supposed to be a bit taller?"

"...OHHH it must be because his hair is down so it looks like he shrunk!"

Haruto felt a lightbulb light up and shared his thoughts to Asahi and Hinata. The two of them nodded and smiled kindly at Nishinoya who felt annoyed, feeling like someone was dissing him.


Bokuto yelled out and raised his gun to rush at people who he thought were easy targets.

"Alright just do whatever and just don't get hit."

Daichi quickly said as he realized that time was up. They all nodded their heads and ran in different directions forming small groups to fire at people.

"You bastard!! Take my pain and suffering!!"

Daiki jumped up and aimed his water gun at Haruto as he cursed his inability to flirt with a cute girl like he did.

*Pew Pew


Daiki dropped to the floor as Haruto quickly shot at his chest since he was an easy target in the air. He left Daiki on the floor and made his way with Kageyama and Hinata to eliminate more people.

The fight continued with people slowly getting eliminated and fewer people reaching the end of the fight.

Near a corner Yamamoto ran towards Tanaka who was distracted after eliminating one person from Nekoma.

"Ryu watch out!"

Yamamoto shot towards Tanaka's exposed back but Nishinoya quickly jumped up to protect him. He fell to the ground as he was shot in the chest and looked like he was heavily injured.

"Noya-san why…"

"Ryu.. you have to protect... Kiyoko when.. I'm gone…"


Tanaka yelled out as he held Nishinoya in his arms. Yamamoto who saw their act fell to his knees and looked at his hands as if realizing he had just killed another person.

*Pew Pew

"Why are you guys overreacting?"

Kuroo gave a deadpan stare at their performance and thought they had the acting ability to win an award. Kuroo shot at Tanaka and turned his head to see that the trio of Haruto, Kageyama and Hinata eliminate the kneeling Yamamoto.

"Oya it looks like we finally meet."

Kuroo grinned as he aimed his gun at the three of them but didn't shoot. Haruto felt like this was odd but then caught a yellow figure moving from the corner of his eyes.

"Guys quickly duck!!"

Haruto yelled out and they dodged the incoming strike from Kenma's side.

"Ohh you guys have pretty fast reflexes~"

Kuroo smirked as they were closing in on the trio. Haruto looked at them and turned his gaze towards Kageyama. He saw the signal and tapped Hinata on the shoulder to show him a hand sign.

Hinata nodded and rushed towards Kenma catching him off guard. He nimbly dodged each of his shots while Haruto and Kageyama took the opportunity to get in between Kuroo and Kenma.

Haruto and Kageyama split up and took both sides of Kuroo performing a synchronizing assault on him.

"How are you guys so in tune with each other without even saying anything…"

"Ehh it just comes natural I guess."

Haruto smiled as he saw Kenma soaked, meaning that Hinata completed his goal. He then looked at the field to see who was left and was surprised to see that it was only two people.

"Akaashi it looks like these guys are the last ones."

"What's the plan Bokuto-san? It's a three versus two."

The three of them faced off towards the last remaining people from Fukurodani. Bokuto smiled and held two guns in his hand while Akaashi held a big soaker.

"Just rush at them! We got the big guns so we have nothing to lose."

The two of them ran towards the trio and the last battle of the water fight began.

Akaashi took some distance and quickly shot a long stream of water towards Hinata who was closest to him. Hinata tried to dodge but it was getting hard since he was gradually slipping from the loose sand.

Haruto and Kageyama also tried to dodge Bokuto's quick strikes as he had two guns to fire from.

"Haruto! Kageyama! I will leave it to you two and I'll be the decoy."

Hinata yelled out as he rushed towards Akaashi who tried to pump his gun, leaving him vulnerable for a second. When he got a meter close he saw Akaashi aim his gun towards him and Hinata used his body to block the shot.

Akaashi opened his eyes wide when he saw Haruto suddenly appear behind Hinata and shot him, hitting straight towards his chest.

Haruto then turned to face Bokuto who turned his head to look towards Akaashi. He tried to fired his gun but furrowed his eyebrows when he found that it was empty.

"HAHA it looks like this is the end Haruto!!"

Bokuto smiled victoriously as he aimed his guns at Haruto's direction.

"Haruto do a minus!"

Kageyama suddenly yelled out and ran towards his direction. Looking back to see him rushing in his direction, he saw what he wanted to do.

Haruto got his gun and threw it into the air in an attempt to distract Bokuto. It was successful as Bokuto looked at it and was confused as to why he did that.

He then proceeded to run behind Bokuto while Kageyama jumped up in the air and tossed his gun. He volleyed the water gun in the air and pushed it towards the direction where he saw Haruto go.

"Nothing personal Bokuto."


Haruto jumped up and grabbed the gun flying through the air and stood behind Bokuto, pointing it towards the back of his head. He shot and Bokuto slowly fell down as if he was the last boss of the fight.


Akaashi yelled out as everyone from Karasuno huddled around Kageyama, Hinata and Haruto for winning that final battle.

"You really know how to move together without speaking a single word huh."

Daichi smiled as he was amazed at how they were able to tell each other how to move despite not speaking a single word.

As they celebrated, Bokuto who was still on the ground quickly got up and held his stomach.


"I'm hungry from all that fighting, could we go eat?"

Everyone heard his growling stomach and also started to feel hungry. They laughed and walked towards the refreshment area to buy some food to eat.

Mahiru quickly made her way beside Haruto as she wanted to ask what kind of food was sold on the beach. As they stood in line, Haruto suddenly heard a surprised voice speak out from behind him.

"Ehh, Haruto you were here too?"

"Geh, what are you doing here?"

Haruto gave an unimpressed response as he didn't expect this person to be in this sort of spot during the day.


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