The Angel Spoils Me On My Way To The Top

Haruto Watanabe a person who failed to achive his dream in being a pro volleyball player gets another shot in the world of Haikyuu. Will the spark that he lost be re-ignited and reach the top or fail once again. Maybe an angel will be the one that will help him reach the top to be the best. [I don't own anything except OC} [Cover art was found on google] (This is my first time writing so I may not have the best grammer but I will try my best to improve)

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Cultural Festival 1

The day of Karasuno's festival had finally arrived after a few days of its students doing their best to showcase what kind of stall or establishment they could show to their visitors.

The clear weather and bright skies peered through the windows of the school as it shined upon the bundles of students rushing around the class to do some last minute preparations.

"How much time until we start to open up the doors?"

"Around 5 mins if I remember correctly."

"Alright, that should be enough time for us… THE GUYS AT THE BACK GET READY!!"

The representative called out the people who were wearing butler suits and told them to finish what they needed to do and be prepared to start welcoming the people that were situated outside the door.

"Yikes, there's quite a few people already out there." Haruto gave a small whistle as he peered through the visible windows and saw the amount of people already standing outside their classroom.

"It's suddenly making me nervous now…"

"..Just don't vomit on our customers alright."

"I'll try…"

"That's not very reassuring."

Haruto now felt a bit worried for Hinata who began to mumble his opening lines and wondered if he would be fine.

'Let's just pray he doesn't.'

He tried to reassure himself but after looking at Hinata's appearance one last time, Haruto decided to keep an eye on him just in case.

[Attention. Karasuno's annual Cultural Festival will now open up its doors. We wish for all visitors to enjoy the areas our students have come up with and we hope you enjoy your stay.]

A steady voice suddenly appeared from the speakers and everyone in the school quietly listened to the voice that carried an introduction while also making some additional announcements for their festival.

Haruto stayed quiet before eventually walking towards his class representative who was urging them to stand near the entrance and preparing them to welcome the people outside.

'I just hope there won't be too many people.'


Quite a while of time had started to pass and the entirety of the school had started to let out a cheerful and fun atmosphere as each classroom on each floor bumbled with different kinds of activities for each person to go at.

In the hallway there were two people walking and were looking at the pamphlet one of them was holding.

"Tsukki, where should we go to see next?"

"Doesn't matter, just choose one." 

Tsukishima bluntly replied to Yamaguchi who was eating a piece of cotton candy. Their class had decided to do a literature display where each student would post a written piece and people would just come into the class to see their pieces. 

Their class only needed a minimal amount of people to handle their area, which allowed them to roam around for a while since their shift was a bit later into the festival.

"How about we check out how the other guys are doing."

"Those three idiots?"

"Yeah, I heard that lots of people are aiming to visit their cafe." 

Tsukishima glanced at the pamphlet and tried to see what Haruto's class was offering.

"Woah! Does the line actually start here??"

Hearing Yamaguchi's loud voice, Tsukishima removed his eyes from the pamphlet and squinted his eyes when he saw the line of people standing outside of Haruto's classroom.

"These guys are impressive…"

"I think it's the 'Prince Effect' taking place."

"What is that?"

"Don't you remember that a certain person on our team is pretty well known around the school that he even has a nickname." 


Rubbing his chin for a while Yamaguchi suddenly remembered and thought that it was understandable. Since the big news that Haruto and Mahiru were dating broke out, the amount of people that were bothering them decreased by a significant amount.

The two might have not realized but their public display of their affection had made people urge away from them seeing that the two were very close with each other.

But that never meant that their popularity had stopped so hearing the chance that one of the most well known guys may serve you in a butler suit had brought many admirers to their doors. 

"I hear that Shiina-san's class is doing a maid cafe too so I'm guessing that it's the same situation over there."

Yamaguchi said as he wondered if the 'Angel Effect' is also happening.

"The so-called Prince is going to serve us huh…"

"Tsukki… Your smile looks scary..."

"Do you think I can make him do some phrases while he serves us?"

Ignoring Yamaguchi's words, Tsukishima snickered as he wanted to see if he could get Haruto to say some lines and hoped to see an annoyed expression come out of him.

The two guys stood in line and after waiting for 5 mins, they were greeted inside the classroom.

"Welco— Geh what are you guys doing here?"

"That's not so nice of you to say to us customers right~?"

"Yeah yeah whatever."

Haruto clicked his tongue when he saw the smirk on Tsukishima's face and quickly guided them to an empty table for two.

"Are there any special services?"

"..Don't tell me you want me to say some lines too…?

"Ohh! so there were already some people requesting that?"

"Yeah.. I didn't know I had to make up some lines on the spot…"

Tsukishima saw Haruto's slightly dead eyes and wondered what kind of phrases he had to come up with.

"What were some things you've said?"

"Things like 'Your wish is my command' or 'Your presence is the only form of payment we would like to have'...."


Hearing Haruto's words, Tsukishima bursted out laughing and Yamaguchi only looked at him in sympathy. After wiping the tears off his face Tsukishima finally made his order, feeling satisfied seeing the annoyed face Haruto was making.

'Well at least it seems like our class is making lots of revenue.'

Haruto thought as he brought a standard water set to their table and told the back area what the two of them wanted to eat.

Their school had announced that there would be an extra prize for the class that generates the most revenue during the duration of the festival. 

This was however only for the classes that decided on having a price for their services to which needed to be confirmed by the committee responsible for handling this part of the festival. 

"Haruto, could you let in our next customer!"

"No problem."

Hearing Hinata's energetic voice, Haruto smiled wryly as he was amazed to see him walking around excitedly after seeing him get used to serving people during the duration since they had opened. 


"Hmm… I'll give it 5 points."

"You're here too? And what's up with the score?"

"Did you think I would just not attend a standard plot like event such as a cultural festival? Even more so when I heard that my brother and Mahiru were cosplaying while serving people. You think far too little of me."

Akane who wore a standard white t-shirt with some blue jeans shook her head in disappointment hearing Haruto's response to her.

"Yeah I should have guessed. But why the hell are you giving me a score?"

"Points deducted from not greeting with proper butler posture and you didn't give me a satisfactory smile that I was expecting from you."


"Well at least your appearance is pretty nice. Hmm, I'll be nice and give it a boost to a 6.5."

Akane held her chin and nodded her head as she gave a kind smile to Haruto to which he felt his eyes twitch from his sister's weird way of scoring.

"So is it only 1 person?"

"Nope, there's actually two more people." As Akane said her words two other people entered the classroom.

One of them was a woman who had sharp blue eyes that carried along an intimidating atmosphere while the handsome looking person beside her stood by with a smile on his face.

His medium long hair was neatly combed over but there were a few strands of loose hair that hanged past his temple. He had dark black and hair matching eyes that were similar to Akane while his happy smile was reminiscent of the one Haruto had always made.

"Mom? Dad??"

"Hello." Yui nodded her head while her eyes shined when she saw the outfit Haruto was wearing.

"I haven't seen you for quite some time and that's all you have to say."

"I sent you some messages though?"

"But meeting face to face is different from getting messages."

The man shook his head in exaggeration before approaching Haruto and giving him a quick hug.

"Alright just follow me, you guys are holding up the line." Haruto said as he gave the man a hug back and coughed out loud before leading the three of them to an open table.

"Yes~ I want to see what kind of services my son will show us."

"Right? I wonder if he can boast the score that I gave him earlier."

"I feel like you were a bit harsh on him though. I gave him a solid 7.5 since he had a good welcoming atmosphere when he greeted you."

"I will keep it in mind bu—"

"Akane, Jiro."

""Yes ma'am.""

The two of them suddenly saluted when they heard Yui's cold voice before gesturing to each other using hand signs when they noticed that Yui had turned her back on them. 

Haruto looked at his father Jiro and smiled slightly when he saw that he was the same playful self that he was used to.

Letting them sit down, Haruto passed them a menu and began to do some small talk with his family. Unknown to him, Haruto's surroundings suddenly became intrigued by the appearance of the Watanabe family and thought that the family genes were pretty incredible.

"Mahiru, are we going to check out the guy's butler cafe first right?"

"Yeah, I wonder if there's a large line growing already."

Walking through the hallway, Mahiru and Yaichi began to weave through the large group of people as they made their way towards Haruto's classroom.

Unknown to Mahiru who would surprisingly meet the entirety of Haruto's family.


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