1 Chapter 1

Hi guys! So just a quick heads up and really cool fact! Though some or most of the book is based on a beautiful live story I constantly okay in my mind, the best books or pieces of art are written or created from experience. That being said, some or most of this book is written after real events that have happened in my life. I will go into more depth about this later but for now enjoy The Angel and The Princess <3

- Lila Rose

   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

"Hun you should figure out tutoring hours for all your classes, you will need them this year!" I hear my dad yell in his authoritative voice while I am mid-way through trying to get ready for my inevitable doom also known as school.

School is the one place on earth that honestly makes me feel stupid and dumb. Put me in a room full of billionaires all talking about how they are improving their businesses and I would thrive and probably make some friends too. School on the other hand is the complete opposite, sure I'm social and have a lot of friends but my mom says I'm so smart I fail. How does that make sense? I still don't know. I do the work and turn it in but it's like as soon as it touches the teacher's hand it all but becomes invisible. My test grades are always failing due to my testing anxiety but I use it as fuel because if I don't get good grades then I can't skate.

Skating has been a part of my life for around seven years when my father got his new wife. It was hard at first to say goodbye to my mom but Dannie is cool too. We call her Dannie since her name is Danielle and she hates the word mom, she feels it makes her sound old even though she is in her late forties. My dad met her at one of his businesses cocktail parties. She was in charge of watching the ice sculpture since it was provided by her ice rink that she managed. He says that by the end of the night he almost saw birds singing around her body by how gentle she seemed and she really is. Even though I sometimes feel like my dad abandoned my mom I still understand that he needs happiness too.

I hear a knock on my door and grin while looking into my full length mirror loving my outfit for today but knowing who is at the door. "Come in Dannie!" I call and the door opens to show her beautiful pale face. She walks into the room and over to my queen sized bed before sitting down and grinning at me.

"Are you ready for today Monster?" She asks using her nickname for me. I am a monster, my younger Stacy is a tiger, and my younger brother Andrew is Pookie. Today is my last first day of school which comes in waves if happy, sad, stressed, and scared. Stacy starts highschool and Andrew starts seventh grade so it's a pretty big day for all of us plus I have figure skating practise after school.

"Yes I am, are you excited for your new recruits?" I ask and she nods smiling. Every year she gets new freshman and after this year I can try for the Olympics, go to college, or become a teacher. That is only if I chose to continue but it depends on what my job allows.

"Yes I really am excited." She says allowing her eyes to wonder while I walk into the ensuit bathroom to do my makeup. "Are you still playing?" She asks, projecting her voice from the bedroom to the bathroom I am using.

Before we had to say goodbye to mom she always had us playing instruments, it was one piece of her she wanted us to have. She had played in orchestra her whole life and actually become pretty well known before her decline. This being said, by the time we were two we were playing our own music. I played the piano while Stacy played the cello and little Andrew played around with his violin. That's right I have been playing piano since I was two, Stacy changed her instrument once she was tall enough to play the bass but even Andrew still plays his violin.

I shake my head out of my thoughts before cleaning my face and doing my morning face care routine. I then throw on my natural mostly nude color makeup that matches my blush pink knit sweater. My pale blue skinny jeans and white canvas converse match my style perfectly. I walk back out and show Dannie my outfit while she nods in approval.

"Very beautiful my little monster." She says grinning and I giggle like the little girl that I am. She stands up from my bed and walks out of my room, I wait for the door to close before I walk over to my piano. I run my left hand across the keys, my right hand touching my lips. I'm ready mom.

I force a smile onto my face and feel the warmth of the sun sink into my skin. My blonde hair seems to absorb the sunlight while my green eyes reflect it. My pale skin looks warm against the blush pink sweater and I give myself a small little hug to get me to school. I walk over to my bed and grab my backpack slipping my lanyard onto my waist. I grab my keys hanging on my wall and exit my room before making my way down the hall.

I live in a pretty big house that is two stories so once I get to the stairs I start walking down when I feel the banister shake. "Watch out!" I hear Stacy yell before she slides her way down, such an example for the little boy following her with that stupid smirk on his face.

"You guys are gonna break it one day and I really hope I'm not here to see it." I say while I continue to walk down the stairs to see her hiding Andrew from me grinning. Her dyed black hair falls in front of her blue eyes that have been broken for a while. Just then I see a little pop out from behind her with beautiful brown hair and big blue eyes, that smirk playing at his lips before he speaks up.

"Don't worry you are gone in a couple months anyways!" Andrew replies and I grin at the thought. Sure it's sad but I'm not moving far and it's not like I would last in college so that's not even an option.

"Yeah but I will have your rooms ready for when you guys get kicked out." I joke around and Andrew rolls his eyes with a huge mischievous smirk while Stacy chuckles.

"Thanks I will see you next year." She says. That's a running joke we all have, it's a kind of dark humor that we have created over the years. On another note I will be out of the house and get to truly be the girl I have always dreamed of. To be that beautiful young lady I have longed to be since I started playing piano.

The thought of it is kind of scary, but at least I have my best friend Sydney, she is my Sun Girl and practically the only light I have other than Jesus. That is the nickname I gave her since she always seems to be happy or make others happy around her. I know we all have our moments and she tends to be emotional like me but she always seems to make me smile.

"Alright we got to go, if you get your homework done I will bring you coffee after practice." I say and they both grin like toddlers begging for ice cream or candy for something.

"Ok cool." They say at the same time, weirdos.

We walk through the dinning room, living room, and show room, before we get outside and walk across the circular driveway garden. I don't forget to say hi to Billie the fountains statue when I see a tall figure leaning against my car. It's normal for people to be taller than me at my 5'2 size, it was sad at first but I have come to terms with my size over the years. The boy is tall with light tan skin, brown hair, dark stormy blue eyes, and is dressed in all black but pretty well. He has a dark grey button up shirt with dark wash jeans, black leather boots, and a black beanie.

"Hiya Jax!" Stacy grins skipping over before giving him a hug. She is kind of matching him with her grey and black plaid skirt, black boots, and black crop top. She grabs his beanie and puts it on her own head only for it to fall over her eyes. He grabs it off of her head while chuckling and she sticks her tongue out.

"Oh aren't you guys cute!" Andrew says sarcastically from behind me before running for the passenger seat. I love my siblings and Stacy's boyfriend is cool but I can't say I enjoy being a third-wheel on two emo teenagers love stories. I think Andrew can agree with me.

"Hi Vernie." Jackson says to me since Andrew is already in my car. Vernie is Jackson's nickname for me. When we first met he thought my name was Veronica even though it's not even close so ever since then he has just called me Vernie. Apparently I look like a Veronica as well but I don't see it.

"Get in the car Sonny Boy." I retort using my nickname for him.

Once we all got into the car I put the car in reverse and back out of the long driveway before switching it into drive. I turn the black Jeep Wrangler around in a complete 180 before driving down the street. I listen in on the couple talk about their classes and homework along with news about their friends and sports.

Sports have been a huge part of my family, my dad played and coaches football while Dannie played and coaches figure skating. Dannie also teaches a yoga class that me and Stacy go to at least three times a week on top of going to the gym every other day. Stacy does cheer and is on the Freshman volleyball A- team which matches her athleticism perfectly since she is also kind of dangerous.

"Lillian are you excited for your first day of Senior year?" I get asked for the second time today, this time by Stacy and I shrug after parking the Jeep Wrangler.

That's when it hits me, this is basically my last year of really being a kid. I spent so much time trying to figure out how I was. Everyone told me to just listen to my inner child but I don't have an inner child. My inner child died a oi g time ago and now I'm just left with boring old Lillian.

"Sure." I say rather harshly before parking and getting out, almost slamming the door. I take about ten steps when I finally realize how I had acted so I stop in my tracks. I turn around to see Stacy staring at me even more sadly then usual so I walk back over and give her a big hug.

"I'm sorry ok, I'm just stressed is all. Have a good day or I will kill Sonny Boy." I tell her pointing to her boyfriend.

She smiles and nods so I turn back around walking into the school completely forgetting Andrew who is already walking to his school. Instead I walk further into the cafeteria to start my last year of Highschool. I try to find my Sun Girl who also just happens to be Sonny Boy's older sister. Funny how that works out right? She is the team captain for both Varsity soccer B-team and Varsity volleyball A-team. Sonny Boy is a right tackle on the defensive end for the JV football A-team which is impressive for a freshman. He is the best Freshman on the field though and he is definitely getting into Varsity next year. He wants to play in the NFL for the Cowboys or the Patriots and I could totally see that happening.

I walk into the cafeteria, a big smile on my face while I say hi to a couple people before spotting Sydney on the stage with Blake, her other best friend. Me and Blake are friends too, just not as close as him and Sydney are.

"Hiya guys!" I say jumping up to the stage before sitting down and leaning onto Sydney's leg.

"Are you excited for the rushers?" Sydney asks sweetly while she leans into Blakes shoulder.

The 'rushers' is the name we give the new kids. They are quiet and usually late and there are more than three of them in each class period. Those are the kids you can leave your mark on, if you want to change your position they are the best way to get out. Be nice to them and you gain more friends but if you are mean to them, people see that and sooner or later you become the rat dog of the wolf pack. That is our mascot, the Davonville wolves straight from Austin Texas baby!

"Oh heck yeah, are you excited for first period Gonzales?" I ask carefully.

"Gonzales as in choir? Wait, you're taking choir!" She asks, getting super excited and of course I have to agree because it's true.

"Yes?" I reply, kind of nervous to see her reaction. She squeals lunging into Blake while he chuckles and wraps his arms around her torso protectively. They are in the stage in their relationship where they like each other but neither of them know that and don't want to ruin their relationship as best friends. She lets go of him and sits back up to grin at me while he chooses to stay on the ground and make himself comfortable.

"You have finally decided to bless us all with that wonderfully angelic voice of yours." She asks and I grin and shake my head exasperated.

"I'm not that good, you make me sound like a professional." She honestly overreacts everytime I even try to sing.

"Hun you sing Think Of Me better than Christine Daie herself, oh and My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion! Are we just gonna forget last year when you sang Fall On Me by Andrea Bocelli for a fundraiser at your skating rink? You can get that high AND you're an alto! Your vocal range is crazy good and your projection is better than Broadway could handle." I shake my head and roll my eyes.

"Shush ok! We should get to class." I am not good with compliments, like at all. They are the bane of my existence because my face gets red as a cherry and there is nothing I can do to help it. A lot of people seem to find it cute but I think it's embarrassing and that they are weird.

"Do you know who else is gonna be with us in Gonzales?" Sydney asks us both and Blake shakes his head, his eyes closed while his feet rest on Sydney's lap.

"No idea." I say and that is when the bell rings. Ha I was right, we do need to get to class!