123 A skipped meeting

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As Cera and Hailey start their 14000 mile journey the other members of the Adamo family are back in there room talking. The silence is palpable, and the first one to start talking is Chris. I look to my wife and youngest son, the one I'm most worried about is Violet. She lives for her family, and so do I. Now that 2 of our oldest are gone its hard to find anything to say that isn't about them. They aren't our responsibility anymore, their lives are their own. I walk over and sit next to my wife, and I just hug her. I run some of my fingers through her hair and just rock her slightly. She wraps her arms around me and gives me a big squeeze. I hate seeing the love of my life like this, part of raising a child is seeing them off. We did good raising them, and we taught them how to be good people.

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