The Ancient Order Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

The Ancient Order


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A boy named Tang Yu is known as the corrupted child. Tang Yu was born in a righteous sect called the Imperial Sword Sect. His parents were high elders and their status was high but they were killed by Corrupt Elders during a war. When Tang Yu turned 6 Years Old they tested him and found out that his Meridians were broken meaning he could never cultivate. He was simply thrown to the servant's courtyard that very day. The day after he was tested he was taking a walk but a skeleton, an eye, and a Jade Talisman fell from the sky and a voice rung in his head. "The Ancient Order has fallen the Skeleton of the Martial God, the Eye of the Spirit God, and the Jade Talisman of the Ancient God will guide you to the peak. Find your place among the gods and reestablish the Ancient Order."