8 Vacation Aftermath


Jenny and her friends got trapped inside the Dark Fortress, they decided to find the main control room. But later Megaman got snatched by one of Chaos Jenny's troops and hypnotized him to follow their orders. After that Jenny realized what happened to Megaman, they thought of a solution to bring him back. After the incident they all went back to their home alongside with Robotboy.

They finally arrived at Metro City. Jenny and the others finally came back to Dr.Tenma's home, as they were gonna meet up with him. They all went to the living room, sitting at the couch, Astroboy went and turned on the TV. Later Dr.Tenma came down stairs He was shocked they were all there.

Dr.Tenma: "Toby?"

Astroboy: "Oh hey dad!"

Dr.Tenma: "Where have you all been, I've been looking for you for three days"

Astroboy: "Let's just say me and my friends got into an adventure dad"

Dr.Tenma noticed Robotboy.

Dr.Tenma: "Oh, who is this?"

Astroboy: "Oh, this is Robotboy, we met him in Robotropolis"

Robotboy: "Hello"

Dr.Tenma: "You all went to Robotropolis?! All by yourselves?!"

Jenny: "Well, we didn't want to disturb you for your appointments in the ministry, sooooo we did what we could to go there"

Megaman: "Yeah, and the place was great"

Astroboy: "Robotboy showed us around the city, there are very nice people in there"

Dr.Tenma: "Really?"

Jenny: "Yes"

Dr.Tenma: "But still, the fact all of you traveled without my permission, you guys are going to stay inside this house for a while! And don't you know that it's illegal for a robot to leave a country without permission from the government?!"

Jenny: "Dr.Tenma! You can't underestimate robots like us, can't you see we protected millions of people before? even Megaman did, we work hard for the safety of so-"

Astroboy: "Jenny! Dad! Please.... stop fighting... it's very painful to see this..."

Megaman: "Astro, Wait"

Astroboy became upset as he walks to go to his room, Megaman follows him. Astroboy walked to the halls as he finds his room. He went in his room and sits in his bed trying to be calm.

Megaman: "Astro, everything's ok, didn't you stop Chaos Jenny from making me their weapon?"

Astroboy placed his hands on his face, making his face covered.

Astroboy: "We shouldn't have gone there, it's all my fault"

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Megaman: "Why are you taking the blame all of a sudden? I was the one who took the flier, I was the one who told you guys to go there, Astro I'll take the blame, I should be the one to be pun-"

Astroboy: "No, you don't deserve it, I'll take it"

Megaman: "Astro, please, no! You don't deserve-"

Astroboy hugs Megaman. Megaman's eyes widen, he was shocked by his actions. Megaman later feels comfortable as he hugs back.

Astroboy: "I'll take the blame, I can handle it"

Megaman: "Why don't we try talking to Dr.Tenma instead? Maybe he'll forgive us."

Astroboy and Megaman let's each other go to stop hugging.

Astroboy: "Well, it is not a bad idea to try and talk to him, but after what Jenny said he might not accept it"

Megaman: "Astro, think positive don't think that he will never forgive you, you're his son, he loves you, he'll do what he could to make you happy right?"

Astroboy: "Ok then, let's go"

Meanwhile Jenny walks to her room, she passed by Astroboy's room, she wanted to check on him so she walked in. She quietly spoke.

Jenny: "G-guys, how is Astro doing?"

Megaman: "Oh, hi Jen, we were about to try and talk to Dr.Tenma about what he said"

Jenny: "Well, sorry about what I said to him earlier, my mind suddenly told me to tell how I've been feeling through these past days"

Astroboy: "It's ok, there are times that we can't control ourselves and we become insane"

Megaman: "Right, so Astro, should we try talking to Dr.Tenma now?"

Astroboy: "Yeah"

The three walked out of Astroboy's room, as they try to find Dr.Tenma.

They finally found his room, and knocks on his door.

Dr.Tenma: "Come in"

Astroboy opens the door.

Astroboy: "Hey Dad,  can we talk?"

Dr.Tenma: "Alright, what is it?"

Astroboy: "It's about the thing you said about us not going outside for a while"

Dr.Tenma: "Why? What is the problem?"

Astroboy: "Well, we might get in grave danger if we keep on staying here, Chaos Jenny might attack us, who else knows what might happen?"

Dr.Tenma: "Very well then, I'll let you slip this time"

Jenny and Megaman sighed in relief, they were glad that Dr.Tenma didn't continue his plan with them. After that moment someone knocked on their door. Dr.Tenma answers the door. After the door opened the man that appeared was a detective he also seems to be with a kid with blond hair.

Detective: "Has anyone seen this missing robot?"

Jenny: "Sir, may I take a look at that photo?"

Detective: "Sure"

Jenny looks at the photo and recognizes the person.

Jenny: "That's Robotboy, he's here with us, anyway kid what's your name?"

Kid: "My name's Tommy and I'm here to find Robotboy"

Jenny: "Well, Tommy, he's here with us, he kinda wanted to join our team because of the situation that has been happening"

Tommy: "What is happening?"

Jenny: "Well, there is still this threat named Chaos Jenny, ever heard of her?"

Tommy: "No"

Jenny: "Ok, sooo he joined us because we're supposed to stop her take over the world and yeah"

Tommy: "Well, alright, sooo can I have him back?"

Jenny: "You might not have him back for a while, Robotboy joined our team so that we could stop her, and plus, we're stronger together"

Tommy: "Ok then, if it's something about stopping someone evil, then ok, be sure to take care of him"

Jenny: "We will"

The detective and Tommy left the house. After a few minutes, Robotboy was happy because he gets to see Tommy.

Robotboy: "Tommy"

Jenny: "Huh? Oh that boy from earlier?"

Robotboy: "Yes"

Jenny: "So, he created you?"

Robotboy: "No, Dr.Moshimo create Robotboy"

Jenny: "Oh, he's your best friend isn't he?"

Robotboy: "Yes"

Later the four hangs out with each other, playing video games, having a talk and watching all sorts of stuff....

Meanwhile at Chaos Jenny's fortress:

Chaos Jenny had a report with her boss again, she is going to tell what happened. Chaos Jenny started a call for her report.

Boss: "Have you captured the blue robot I wanted?"

Chaos Jenny: "Oh boss, I couldn't, that damn XJ9 still got him back!"

Boss: "Why don't perhaps try kidnapping"

Chaos Jenny: "Don't you remember the first time we tried, they have a very accurate security system"

Boss: "You're right"

Her boss thinks of another plan.

Boss: "Oh, I know, why don't you tell me the strongest amongst them?"

Chaos Jenny: "Well, I do get to know a bit of their names, i remember this robot named Astro, the one that tries to stop me and XJ9 from fighting each other, i see he has...."

Boss: "he has what?"

Chaos Jenny: "Alot of capabilities perhaps"

Boss: "How delightful, try to kidnap him, but this time if he's alone, and go back there and show him to me, I'm expecting more from you Chaos"

Chaos Jenny: "Yes maam!"

Boss: "Till we meet again..."

The call ends..... Chaos Jenny is satisfied with their plan, to finally teach Astroboy a lesson.

To be continued...

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