7 The Chaotic Fortress


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Jenny and the others spent time together as Megaman head out of the lab to buy some energy tanks, but he found a flier as he heads back and showed it to his friends as they went to Robotropolis and met another robot that will help them, suddenly they went to a fortress on where Chaos Jenny is.....

After Astroboy holds the Fortress door to let his friends in, they were left trap inside, they finally have a chance to go and find Chaos Jenny's main control room. Along the way, Jenny and the others fight troops just to find Chaos's main control room.

Jenny: "Guys, look!"

Jenny found a map for the whole building.

Astroboy: "It's the map!"

Jenny: "Ok, Astro, try to take a picture of this map so that you could read the map while we explore the Fortress.

Astroboy: "There, I'm done, just gotta process this a little"

Jenny: "Take your time..."

Astroboy took time to process the photo into his memory bank.

Astroboy is finally done.

Astroboy: "There we go, Mega time to go find the room..."

There was no response.

Astroboy: "Mega?"

Jenny: "Astro, what's wrong?"

Astroboy: "Megaman is missing!"

Jenny: "What?!"

Astroboy: "I tried calling him but there was no response"

Jenny: "We need to find him, Quick! Robotboy come on now!"

Robotboy: "Ok!"

The three rushed to find Megaman.

Jenny: "Megaman! Megaman!"

Astroboy: "Mega! Where are you?"

Meanwhile at where Megaman is:

Megaman appears to be in a black and dark room with alot of weapons and torture items he is tied up with strong chains, he did his best to untie himself but he can't.

Megaman: "Ugh, what the? Hey! Let me out of here! C-Chaos Jenny! If you're ever here with me! Show yourself!"

Out of the darkness, Chaos Jenny reveals herself.

Chaos Jenny: "I see you want me here, why is that? Tell me, I'll be really really glad to hear your answer"

Megaman: "W-Why did you tie me up here?"

Chaos Jenny: "For you not to escape, obviously"

Megaman: "Let me out of here!"

Chaos Jenny: "Never, besides my boss really liked you, we'll be taking every inch of your power, and use it to destroy those who don't obey me"

Megaman: "I will never let that happened!"

Chaos Jenny: "Oh really? How?"

Megaman: "I will, I will-"

Chaos Jenny: "What? Let your pretty friends of yours save you? They will never care for you, you're just they're friend because they want to use you, for you know"

Megaman: "b-but-"

Chaos Jenny: "Think about it the other way, Jenny just wants to use you just to help her stop me from doing my good plan, decide"

Megaman: "D-Decide what?!"

Chaos Jenny: "if you agree to join us, oh anyway, I'll leave Goth in charge for her to guard you"

Chaos Jenny leaves the room as XJ-Goth enters the room and guards Megaman.

XJ-Goth: "Focus on this object and do as I say"

Megaman: "Why is that?"

XJ-Goth: "For you to get whatever you want"

Megaman: "N....No!"

Because of his response XJ-Goth forced him to focus into the object. After a few minutes of Megaman starring at the object, Megaman was now hypnotized, making him follow XJ-Goth's commands on him.

Meanwhile at Jenny and the others:

Jenny and the other two are still walking to find the main control room of the fortress.

Jenny: "This fortress is too big! It's hard to find the main control room"

Astroboy: "I agree, it's hard to read the map"

Robotboy: "We there yet? Robotboy getting bored"

Jenny: "Not yet, we still need to find the control room"

Astroboy: "According to this map we're almost there"

Jenny: "Really?"

Astroboy: "Yeah, it says in the map"

Jenny: "Alright"

They continue walking as they finally reach the entrance of the main control room.

Astroboy: "Well, we're here"

Jenny: "Alright!"

Meanwhile inside the Main control room:

Chaos Jenny and XJ-Goth is looking at the cams with Megaman

Chaos Jenny: "Just as expected, finding my main control room"

XJ-Goth: "Should we destroy them?"

Chaos Jenny: "Of course"

XJ-Goth: "Megaman?"

Megaman: "Yes"

XJ-Goth: "You know what to do"

Megaman: "Must eliminate XJ9"

Megaman heads out outside the main control room. The door opened as he seems to look angry towards Jenny.

Jenny: "Mega!"

Astroboy: "He was in there the whole time?!"

Jenny: "Wow"

Jenny slowly tries to go towards Megaman, as she walks forward Megaman shoots his Mega Buster, Jenny manages to dodge the attack.

Jenny: "Megaman? What's wrong with you?!"

Megaman rapidly aims at his three friends and shoots.

Astroboy: "huh?"

Megaman: "I must eliminate all of you, who is in this room!"

Jenny: "Megaman, what is wrong with you? I thought we're your friends"

Astroboy: "Jenny, can we have a huddle?"

Jenny: "ok"

Astroboy and Jenny does a huddle

Jenny: "What is it?"

Astroboy: "I think I know why he's acting like that"

Jenny: "Why?"

Astroboy: "don't you see, there is some sort of energy waves that makes him controlled"

Jenny: "What does that mean?"

Astroboy: "It means he's hypnotized"

Jenny: "Shoot, what do we do?"

Astroboy: "We would rather destroy the one who controls him or spill water at him and get him out of here before the one who controls him gets hands of him again"

Jenny: "sure, but who could it be?"

Astroboy: "In my calculations I see that the energy waves comes from that black pigtailed robot"

Jenny: "Alright then"

After the huddle, they did they're strategy on Megaman. Astroboy finds a water pump, as he connects the pump to Jenny, Jenny manages to activate her hose.

Astroboy: "Jenny here!"

Jenny: "Got it!"

Jenny shoots the water on Megaman.

Megaman: "Ahhhhhh! Oh my god! Ahhhhhh!"

Megaman seems to struggle and tries to fight off the energy waves.

Astroboy: "It's working!"

Jenny: "Yeah!"

XJ-Goth: "Rrrrrrrr, I'll get you!"

Megaman manages to finally fight off the energy waves that were controlling him all the time. Jenny grabs Megaman as they broke out of the Fortress, Megaman was unconscious. They head back to the hotel. Megaman woke up not knowing what's going on.

Megaman: "Huh? What happened?"

Jenny: "Mega?"

Megaman: "Yes?"

Jenny: "Do you remember anything that happened?"

Megaman: "Well, sorta, oh yeah! Jenny I got snatched by Chaos Jenny's assistant! I was forced to focus on some sort of object!"

Jenny: "Well Megaman, you were hypnotized, that's what it means"

Megaman: "W-what?"

Jenny: "Yes! You were, you were being against us"

Megaman: "W-what have I done! Oh no"

Megaman fell into guilt, as he starts to cry.

Megaman: "I'm so sorry Jenny"

Jenny: "It wasn't your fault Megaman, it was them, It was them"

Jenny hugs Megaman, they hugged each other.

Jenny: "It's ok, it's ok..."

Megaman: "Really?"

Jenny: "Yeah..."

They cherished this moment as long as they can, they hugged as long as they want. Later Astroboy came into the room to check on them.

Astroboy: "Are you guys okay? How's Megaman?"

Megaman: "Astro! Come here please"

Astroboy: "Okay"

Astroboy came closer to Megaman. Robotboy came inside the room as well.

Megaman: "You too Robotboy"

Robotboy: "Hmmm?"

Astroboy: "Mega's telling you to come closer to him"

Robotboy: "okay"

Robotboy came closer to Megaman.

Megaman: "Group hug"

They all had a group hug. They were enjoying what they were doing. After that moment Astroboy's communicator rung. Astroboy answers the call, it was Dr.Tenma.

Astroboy: "Dad?"

Dr.Tenma: (On the phone) "Astro, where are you and your friends? You disappeared here in the lab"

Astroboy: "Uhhhhh"

Astroboy was afraid to be asked with that question

Astroboy: "Uhhhh Dad, hold on ok?"

Dr.Tenma: (On the phone) "ok son"

Astroboy quickly heads to Jenny.

Astroboy: "Jenny I'm so afraid right now"

Jenny: "Why?"

Astroboy: "Dr.Tenma asked where are we, what should I say?"

Jenny: "Just say that we're just hanging out"

Astroboy: "alright"

Astroboy heads back to the phone and answers Dr.Tenma.

Astroboy: "Well, uhhhhh..... We're just hanging out"

Dr.Tenma: (On the phone) "If you say so, goodbye"

Astroboy: "Bye dad"

The call hangs up, everyone sighs in relief. They planned to spend the next day to have fun.

The next day, they went to go have a tour, Robotboy showed them around and introducing them to the people he knows. After that day ended they spent their night resting. As the third day finally arrived, they prepared their luggages and quickly heads back to the airport to catch the plain.

At the airport:

Jenny: "Well, it's nice knowing you Robotboy, Let's go-"

Robotboy: "Wait!"

Megaman and Astroboy faced Robotboy.

Astroboy: "huh?"

Robotboy: "Robotboy want to go too"

Megaman: "But this is your home, don't you wanna stay"

Jenny: "Wait Megaman"

Megaman: "Hmm?"

Jenny: "since Robotboy helped us, we could form a team and make him joined, since he has good capabilities"

Megaman: "huh, we could do that"

Megaman kneels down to speak to Robotboy.

Megaman: "well Robotboy, Jenny accepts you and she said you can go with us"

Robotboy: "Yeeeeeeyyyy!"

Robotboy became happy and travels back with Jenny and and her friends.

The End

Don't worry this is not the end of this volume/ story. Find out what happens in Chapter 7, "Vacation Aftermath"

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