5 The 2nd Strike


Jenny and Astro found another victim that was almost captured, they became friends with the victim he was known as Mega Man, later at night someone broke into their house, as the three tries to find it, they saw the footprints of the intruder, as they followed it, they came back from the investigation as the intruder's boss plans to strike Metro City once more...

It was a normal day in Metro City, Jenny and the other two still tries to figure who the intruder is.

Jenny: "Who could that be?"

Astroboy: "I don't know, it's getting harder to track the intruder that broke into our house"

Megaman: "Yeah, I agree"

Dr.Tenma walks into the room.

Dr.Tenma: "still can't get over the intruder that broke in last night?"

Megaman: "Of course, we gotta report this to the authorities"

Jenny: "if we report them they might find a way to be more and more hidden"

Astroboy: "Right, Jenny might be right"

Megaman heads over to check the news, but suddenly the TV was hijacked.

Megaman: "Guys, check this out!"

Astroboy: "What is it?"

Megaman: "Look!"

Jenny: "Rrrrr.... Chaos!"

Chaos Jenny(At tv): "Why hello there, it seems I found a way to hijack your TV, oh yes I'm giving you a warning for the next strike, make sure you're prepared, ahahahahahahaha!"

The call hangs up as the three gets ready for battle.

Jenny: "Why would Chaos say her plan?"

Astroboy: "Atleast we know now"

Megaman: "guys, what we don't know is 'when', we still need to put our guard on"

Astroboy: "He's right, we still need to be alert"

The three ran to as quickly as possible to go outside, to get ready for the 2nd strike. And finally, another missile was almost dropped in the ground, Jenny catches the missile and threw it up in the sky, the missile exploded.

Jenny: "guys it's the 2nd strike!"

Astroboy/Megaman: "Right!"

Jenny: "Stay alert guys"

Chaos Jenny's ship was going down to the ground, the hatch opened. Her path way to the ground, dropped as she walked from her ship.

The three had a serious look on her.

Chaos Jenny: "What's with the face you three?"

Megaman: "So you're the one who wanted me captive"

Chaos Jenny: "Yes, recognize this?"

Chaos Jenny shows a familiar troop that wanted to capture Mega Man earlier.

Jenny: "Stop scaring-"

Chaos Jenny: "No, you stop talking, I will literally dismantle you three!"

Astroboy: "Don't you even try"

Chaos Jenny: "Goth, I need your assistance right now, please"

XJ-Goth: "Yes Chaos"

Megaman: "There's two of you?! Hah! We're three in here"

Jenny: "Mega, What are you saying?"

Megaman: "Why do you mind?"

Astroboy: "No time to argue guys"

Chaos Jenny: "You know what, that's enough chit chatting, let's get into fighting"

XJ-Goth: "ehehehehe"

They finally started fighting, Megaman started to attack directly to XJ-Goth, as Goth tries to kick him at his weak spot, Megaman dodges the attack as he kicks her back. Astro came to help Jenny fight Chaos Jenny, since Jenny had been angry at her.

Astroboy: "This is the moment you've been waiting for Jen!"

Jenny: "Yeah!"

Jenny finally tries to do what she has been wanting to do to Chaos Jenny to avenge her mother's death. Jenny finally kicked her in the way she did before but this time she became more precise, she calculates the movements for the attack as she had a precise kick, Chaos Jenny didn't see it coming.

Chaos Jenny: "Wh-What?! How?!"

Jenny gets to grab Chaos Jenny.

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Jenny: "This is for my mother! (Punches) This is for my sisters (Punches again) And this is for the destruction you caused!"

Jenny gave her final punch, and beat her into the ground.

Megaman/Astroboy: "Jenny behind you!"

XJ-Goth almost punched her as Jenny blocks her move, Goth made a way to break Jenny arm, causing it to be cutted.


With the shock, it caused Jenny to fall down and lose a bit of power, Astroboy caught her. XJ-Goth hurries to the crater to put Chaos Jenny back to her ship. Chaos Jenny finally ends the 2nd strike.

Inside the ship:

XJ-Goth: "How are you doing Chaos?"

Chaos Jenny: "I'm doing ok"

Chaos Jenny: (In Mind) I can't believe she really took revenge on what I did to her, heh such a 'brutal robot's

Back at the battle field:

Astroboy carried Jenny back to the lab with Megaman. Dr.Tenma repaired Jenny's arm, surprisingly Dr.Tenma has spare parts that looks exactly like hers, Dr.Tenma didn't just repaired her, he also gave her an upgrade to make her less vulnerable and more stronger.

Dr.Tenma: "Jenny, can you hear me? Jenny"

Jenny: "D-Dr.Tenma?"

Astroboy: "Phew"

Jenny: "Guys, what happened? Did we beat her?"

Megaman: "not really, she just got a knock out, you were so aggressive out there"

Jenny: "Really?"

Astroboy: "Yep, you were so angry at her"

Jenny: "Wow..."

Megaman: "She was beat to the ground hard"

Jenny felt happy, because she avenged her mother. Later Megaman wanted to watch the news.

News: "Breaking news! There are five Robots who were fighting earlier today, one seems to be so aggressive...."

Astroboy: "Ahahahaha, Jenny, look it's you!"

Jenny: "Yep, haha"

Later at Chaos Jenny's base:

Chaos Jenny had a call again with her boss, she wanted to report what happened.

Boss: "Chaos, for another time, have you captured that blue robot I want, and tell me what happened"

Chaos Jenny: "We couldn't capture him, and that Blue pigtailed robot brat beat me up, until I was unconscious"

Boss: "I should've had made you stronger atleast"

Chaos Jenny: "Yes"

XJ-Goth: "More troops perhaps Boss?"

Boss: "Depends on what city we attack, if its Metro City it should be more than Ten, if it's Tremorton, it should be more than Twenty, if it's Silicon City, it should be more than Eighty, and if it's Robotropolis it should be more than a hundred! Got that?!"

Chaos Jenny: "Yes Maam! I will do my best for us to take over the world!"

Boss: "Good, now do what you must and report to me again"

The Call changed up as Chaos Jenny thinks of another master plan.

To be Continued.....

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