9 Stranger Danger


Jenny and her friends returned from Robotropolis, and had a little trouble with Dr.Tenma but was later forgiven. Later there was a detective that came along with a kid looking for Robotboy, the kid agreed for Robotboy to stay with Jenny. Meanwhile at Chaos Jenny's base, Chaos Jenny had a call with her boss and planned to kidnap Astroboy.

(Villain's pov)

It's been a long time since Chaos Jenny was stopped to use Megaman as a weapon. They decided to go and spy at Astroboy, secretly putting a camera while the defense or alarm system was disabled. One of

Chaos Jenny's smallest troops quietly went to Dr.Tenma's place and place a camera by Astroboy's room.

Astroboy: "Huh? What's that?"

The troop quickly rushed back to  Chaos Jenny's base.

At Chaos Jenny's base:

Chaos Jenny: "Ahhhh.... is the camera placed?"

The small bot: "Yes master"

Chaos Jenny: "Good"

(Heroes pov)

Meanwhile at Astroboy's place they were throwing a party, since it was Astroboy's birthday. They were all having fun, Jenny gets to know some of Astroboy's friends. While Robotboy and Megaman have fun playing video games with the other kids. Later someone knocked on the door. Astroboy answered the door, he opened the door. There was a lady with green hair and clawing hands.

Astroboy: "Who might you be?"

The Lady: "Oh I'm just a fan of yours, can we go outside please?"

Astroboy: "Um, okay?"

Astroboy went outside with the lady, Astroboy close the door behind him.

Astroboy: "What do you want?"

The Lady: "I want you to come with me"

Astroboy: "Huh, you can't fool me, I can't go out with strangers like you just like that"

The Lady: "Just over there, just outside the gate"

Astroboy: "Fine"

Astroboy and the mysterious Lady walked outside the gate of his home.

The Lady: "Now!"

Astroboy: "Huh?! What's-"

The mysterious lady covered his mouth and restrained him from running away, Astroboy struggled escaping.

The Lady: "Don't fight back, no"

Astroboy didn't listen, but in the time he almost escaped he got tied up quickly enough. The group that the lady is with brought Astroboy in a white van, and finally left Dr.Tenma's house.

Later back inside Dr.Tenma's house, Jenny noticed that Astroboy has been gone outside for a while.

Jenny: "ok guys, I had a great time talking to you, but, Astro has been outside for awhile, I'm just gonna check on him, okay?"

Astroboy's friends: "okay"

Jenny walks outside and tries to find Astroboy.

Jenny: "Strange, he was outside here a while ago, let me go check on the other places in the house"

Jenny decided to find him in every part of the house possible. She went to the side part of the house, but he wasn't there. She went to the back part of the house, but he wasn't also there. Jenny is becoming more worried as time passes.

Jenny: "Astro? Where are you?, you were here a while ago"

Jenny ran back inside to tell everyone that Astroboy was missing. She ran opening the door loudly.

Jenny: "Everyone! Astro is missing!"

Jenny makes a worried look

Megaman: "What?!"

Robotboy: "Want to know where Astro is"

Dr.Tenma rushed in front of Jenny.

Dr.Tenma: "What?! Tobio is gone?!

Jenny: "I'm afraid so Doctor, I came to check on him and he wasn't there"

Megaman: "Jenny, we need to check every house in the city and ask everyone if they've seen him pass by"

Jenny: "Yeah! Let's go! Robotboy you come with us too"

(Villain's pov)

The strange group brought Astroboy to Chaos Jenny's base. Astroboy is tied with handcuffs and shackles, bringing him to Chaos Jenny.

Chaos Jenny: "oh, there he is hn hn, you did a good job XS-1"

XS-1: "I knew he would fall for this disguise, it really worked"

Chaos Jenny: "Bring him to me"

XS-1: "Yes"

XS-1 brought Astroboy to Chaos Jenny.

Chaos Jenny: "Ahh yes, we finally succeeded haha"

XJ-Goth: "oooooh, I see we finally captured our target

Chaos Jenny: "Yes, ahahaha"

Chaos Jenny went to report to her Boss about the news. Chaos Jenny Started a call and waited for her boss to answer. Her boss answers the call.

Boss: "What is it?"

Chaos Jenny: "I have a surprise to you, you're gonna be proud"

Boss: "Show me"

Chaos Jenny shows Astroboy being tied up. And struggling to get out.

Astroboy: "Let me out of here!"

Boss: "Wow, I'm so proud of you Chaos, finally, we get to succeed on our plans"

Chaos Jenny: "I know, this is so nice"

(Heroes Pov)

Meanwhile Jenny, Megaman and Robotboy is still asking around if people have seen Astroboy, but unfortunately there was no one who has seen him, until they came across this one person.

The Random person: "I heard you're looking for this person"

The person they came across with showed them a picture of Astroboy.

Jenny: "Yes, do you know where he is?"

The random person: "Let's just say, I know where he is"

Megaman: "Who are you anyway?"

The Random Person: "Name's Lea, one of Dr.Nora's eldest daughters, I'm with this guy named XJ0"

Jenny: "Dr.Nora?! She created me too!"

Leia: "Let's say we're sisters then, but he over there isn't related to us"

Jenny: "Oh my gosh, I have to tell you what happened to-"

Leia: "Tell me later, we have to find your friend"

Jenny: "Ok then"

Jenny, XJ0 along side with her friends, followed Leia to where Astroboy is. Jenny wanted to make sure if Leia is telling the truth or not, she asks her.

Jenny: "Umm Leia?"

Leia: "Yeah?"

Jenny: "How can I trust you with this, and haven't I saw you before?"

Leia: "I won't answer that, try finding the answer for yourself"

Jenny: "Alright then..."

Jenny tries to search her memory banks while walking, she did her best to look at the right memories. She finally found the part where she saw her before"

Jenny: "Wait!"

Leia: "Hm?"

Jenny: "I think I know where I saw you before, your're the one who saved us from the cage thing"

Leia: "You're correct, you got it"

Megaman: "That was you?!"

Leia: "Yes"

The two were shocked, while Robotboy doesn't know what they're talking about. After an hour they finally arrived at Chaos Jenny's 2nd base

Leia: "We're here, but we still need to get ready, there might detect us and send their troops to attack us"

Jenny: "You're right, we must do our best not to get caught"

Megaman: "Ok, but first we need a plan, a plan to get Astro and get out of here"

Jenny: "Yeah, so are we going in now or talk about our strategy?"

Leia: "I say we go talk about our strategy first"

Meanwhile, inside Chaos Jenny's base:

Chaos Jenny is still in a call with her boss.

Boss: "What? You said he's Strength is a total of 100,000 horse power?"

Chaos Jenny: "Yes, we should try and reprogram him"

Boss: "Yes"

Astroboy: "NOOO! I DON'T WANT TO!"

Chaos Jenny: "Too bad"

Boss: "Wait"

Chaos Jenny: "Why?"

Boss: "We need to see if his friends can save him first"

Chaos Jenny: "What if they succeeded?"

Boss: "No, with the new base I offered you, they won't get in very easily"

Chaos Jenny: "That's good, I hope that's not some type of joke you just want to make"

Boss: "It won't  be, I promise"

Astroboy: "No matter what you do, Jenny will still find to get in!"

Boss: "You really underestimate us that much do ya? Chaos, give him a 2 second electricution, with 1,000 volts"

Chaos Jenny: "Goth, kindly pull the 1,000 volt lever"

XJ-Goth: "Yes Chaos"

XJ-Goth pulls down the 1,000 volts lever as Astroboy gets electrocuted.


Astroboy yells in pain.

Chaos Jenny: "Now, did you learn not to underestimate our group?"

Astroboy: "I can do that whenever I want... b-because you're weak and you're pure evil!"

Boss: "Electrecute him again"

XJ-Goth pulls the 1,000 volts lever again, as Astroboy gets electrocuted ones again. Ones again, Astroboy screams in pain loud enough to make Jenny hear his voice.

Outside the base:

Jenny heard Astroboy's voice as she picked up the audio.

Jenny: "Shhhh, guys, wait"

Megaman: "What?"

Jenny: "I heard Astro's voice"

Leia: "How does it sound like, Jenny?"

Jenny: "well, it sounds like he's in pain"

Megaman: "Rrrrrr..."

Megaman clenched his fist.

Megaman: "Why don't we do our plan now? They might do something bad to him in no time"

Jenny: "Alright"

Jenny and the others sneaks in Chaos Jenny's base, Megaman slowly walks to a small control panel as he deactivates the alarm system.

Megaman: "Guys, you can go now, I deactivated the alarm"

Jenny: "Alright"

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Megaman gets off the control panel, as he follows the rest of his group. But unfortunately they didn't realized that the camera was still on, and they didn't know. Later, XJ-Goth comes to check the security cams. But when she checked the cameras, they were destroyed. She became shocked and decided to check on the other cameras, but there weren't any cameras that were still in good shape, so XJ-Goth comes to Chaos Jenny and tells her about the cameras being destroyed. XJ-Goth rushes to go to the room where Chaos Jenny is and reports to her right away. XJ-Goth finally gets to meet up with Chaos Jenny.

XJ-Goth: "Chaos, the cameras are destroyed!"

Chaos Jenny: "What?!"

Boss: "Well, I have to go, I still have alot of things to do"

Chaos Jenny: "Have a good day Boss"

Chaos Jenny's call with her boss finally ends in a matter of time.

Chaos Jenny: "Goth, how could this be possible?"

XJ-Goth: "I don't know!"

Chaos Jenny: "We better find the intruder, quick!"

While Chaos Jenny and XJ-Goth were distracted, Megaman manages to sneak in the room where Astroboy was. Megaman shows up to Astroboy.

Megaman: (Whispers)"Astro, oh I'm so glad to see you"

Astroboy: (Whispers) "Same goes to you"

Megaman: (Whispers) "I'll get you outta here in no time, quick while they're distracted"

Megaman quickly unties Astroboy as he cuts all the ropes that were tied to him. After Astroboy's hands were untied, Astroboy helps Megaman untie his own body. After that the two finally rushed out of the room. Later Astroboy and Megaman meets up with Jenny and the others.

Astroboy: "Who are these two?"

Jenny: "I'll introduce you to them later, now let's get out of here!"

Astroboy flies as he grabbed Megamam by the arms,  Jenny does the same to XJ0, Robotboy does the same as well with Leia. All of them flew out of the base to head back to Metro City. After thirty minutes of flying in the sky, they made their way to Dr.Tenma's house, and they manage to locate their destination as they arrived in the front yard of the place they live in.

Jenny: "Well, we're here everyone"

Astroboy: "Thank you Jen, same to you Megaman, and you too Robotboy, oh yeah and who are these two?"

Jenny: "Leia, XJ0"

Astroboy: "Oh, thanks guys!"

Jenny: "Well, I guess you two need to get going then, huh?"

Leia: "Yes, oh yeah, while our journey I got all your contacts for us to stay in touch, see you around Jenny!"

Jenny: "See ya!"

Leia: "Zero, let's go!"

ZJ-0: "Yeah!"

Leia and XJ-0 left Jenny, with a smile in the face, the four that were left alone was happy back together once again. After that, they all went back inside. All of Astroboy's friends were surprised he's back.

Friend 1: "What happened to you?!"

Friend2: "We were all worried for you!"

Astroboy: "Don't worry guys, I'm okay"

Jenny: "Astro, they're just happy for you"

Jenny gives Astro a smile and winks at him. Dr.Tenma heard the happy noise outside his door.

Dr.Tenma: "He must be here"

Dr.Tenma rushes out of his room and ran down the stairs of his house.

Dr.Tenma then sees Astroboy right in front of the front door.

Dr.Tenma: "Toby!"

Dr.Tenma ran as fast as he can to reach Astroboy.

Astroboy: "Dad!"

Dr.Tenma: "Toby!"

Dr.Tenma hugs Astroboy like he hasn't seen him in Months, he is very happy of what happened, after that they all continued their party of Astroboy's birthday. Later Astroboy blows his candles and everyone greeted him a happy birthday happily.

To be continued...

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